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Title: Native Speaker TESOL Teacher's Talk
Other Titles: 檢視母語為英語之英文教師課堂話語之使用
Authors: Catherine Doherty
Parlo Singh
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在運用社會語言學的「框架」概念,剖析教師課堂話語。經由分析二位澳洲某大學學術英語課程(EAP) 教師的課堂話語及訪談記錄,本文探討了教師在語言教學時的課堂話語及課堂活動,及其造成的語言多重含義的複雜性。我們認為母語為英語的英文教師在教學時使用的課堂話語,雖然其用意良善,但如果不經考量,也具有其風險性,因而可能成為學生語言學習上的問題。實例分析揭示了兩個潛在的問題:(一) 母語為英語的英文教師具有在語意和原意之間轉換的靈活性;(二)在回答學生提問時,他們會使用不同的措辭,並且加入一些在學生原先所問的問題中不存在且不必要的複雜句法。
In this paper we provide a critical analysis of "native–speake" TESOL teachers' classroom talk and interview data collected from English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs in an Australian university to move beyond commonsense ideas of how their talk might resource the language classroom. Using the sociolinguistic concept of "frame", we analyse episodes of talk from the classroom practices of two teachers. We examine the complexity of layered meanings produced as the teachers teach and simultaneously provide linguistic instruction on the language that is vicariously produced in their talk or the activity. We propose that unexamined, native speaker teacher talk, although well-intentioned, can alsocarry risks that might make it problematic for the language learner. The two extracts reveal two potential problems—the nativespeaker's agility in con/textual shifts, and the native-speaker's capacity to cumulatively rephrase classroom questions and add unnecessary syntactic complexity that was not in the initial question.
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