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Title: A Study on Online Peer Feedback
Other Titles: 線上同儕回饋之研究
Authors: 王美蓉
Issue Date: Oct-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究之目的為調查大學生對線上過程導向寫作課程中線上同儕回饋之成效。首先,本研究採用資料探勘的方式以分析學生的線上學習時間及學習型態。其次,學生對於課程的態度也以問卷調查。研究結果顯示,學生在課後花費相當多的時間在此線上寫作網站,尤其是在前七週當線上同儕回饋的三項寫作活動進行時。同時學生也呈現不同的學習型態。有些學生按部就班的登入寫作網站,有些則鮮少投入。然而,學生對此課程多持正向的態度。例如他們增加對寫作歷程的覺知,並且從同儕批改文章初稿的活動受益。最後並根據研究結果提供一些教學上的建議。
The present study aimed to investigate the effects of on-lline peer feedback in a onlin process-oriented writing program(OPWP) for college srudents. Specifically, a data-mining technology was employed to get students' online leaming time of peer evaluation after c1asses. By means of questionnaires, the students' attitudes towards the online peer feedback were also surveyed. The results showed that the students spent a lot of time after c1asses on English writing on the OPWP. They especially liked to do writing activities with peer feedback during the first and the seventh week. The researcher also found that the students showed different on1ine leaming styles in the program; some students logged in the website regular1y, but some others seldom visited it. Nevertheless, most of the students showed positive responses to the program, which can be exemplified by the students' increased awareness of the writing process and their gains from their peer feedback of their first drafts. Based on the findings, some pedagogical implications are provided.
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