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Title: Investigation of Test-takers' Views on Difficulty at Task Level
Other Titles: 「全民英檢」中級口說能力測驗難易度之探討
Authors: 吳若蕙
Issue Date: Apr-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究為探討全民英檢中級口語能有測驗考生對於試題難易度的觀點。289位老生於考後受邀填寫問卷,針對幾與作答條件有關的變數,例如準備時間、回答時 間,提供其看法。此外,本研究也擬探討考生的觀點是否因英文能力不同而有所別。在測驗的發展過程中,為了確何公平性,我們勢必要重視考生對試題設計的觀 點。進一步了解考生的看法將有助於測驗的改進。
This study investigated test-takers' views on the difficulty of the tasks employed in the speaking component of the GEPT Intermediate Test (全民英檢中級), a tape-mediated test. Some 289 GEPT test-takers completed a post-test questionnaire, providing feedback on difficulty at task level. In particular, various variables associated with performance conditions, such as planning time and response time were investigated based on test-takers' responses. In addition, relationships between the test-takers' responses and their varying proficiency levels were investigated. The test-takers' is appropriate for all test-takers. Test-takers' views may also be of use in improving task design in the GEPT Speaking Test.
Other Identifiers: 639F9326-F13D-314A-A4AE-1D0E50440195
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