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Title: Predicting Second Language Reading Ability
Other Titles: 預測第二外語閱讀能力:再審視門檻假設理論並探視內在動機之貢獻
Authors: 劉世明
Issue Date: Jan-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究之目的在研究預測學生第二外語閱讀能力之因素。此外,除試圖複製先前類似主題-「門檻假設理論」-的研究外,本研究也藉由增加「動機」因素,及「路 徑分析」統計法來延伸前人之卓越研究成果。大致而言本研究結果支持以往「門檻假設理論」相關研究的觀點,也就是就,本國語與第二外語之間閱讀能力的正面轉 移的確存在,然而,轉移的多寡程度端賴第二外語的語言能力。本研究發現,英文語言能力、中文閱讀能力和內在學習動機是預測學生英文語閱讀能力之重要因素。 三種因素相加可以測百分之五十七的變異數。進一步「路徑分析」統計法分析結果發現,三種因素皆直接影響第二外語之閱讀能力。此外,中文閱讀能力和內在學習 動機也經由第二外語之語言能力而間接影響第二外語之閱讀能力。此發現指出,中文閱讀能力和內在學習動機對於增進英文語閱讀能力也扮演重要角色。最後本文也 根據研究結果提出一些教學上的建議。
This study investigate factors that predict students' L2 (second language) reading ability. In addition, it extends earlier research on L2 reading by examining the contribution of motivation to L2 reading ability, and by analyzing the collected data with path analysis. Overall, the results of the present study corroborated the line of research on the Threshould Hypothesis-a positive transfer exists between L1 and L2 reading, but the degree of transfer is dependent upon learners' L2 language proficiency. English language proficiency, Chinese reading ability, and intrinsic motivation each made a significant unique contribution to the students' English reading ability; together they predicted 57% of the variance. The results of path analysis indicated that each of the predictor variables directly influenced L2 reading ability. In addition, L1 reading and intrinsic motivation each had indirect effects on L2 reading ability via L2 language proficiency. These findings indicate the important roles of L1 reading ability and intrinsic motivation in L2 reading ability. Some important pedagogical implications can be drawn from the review of literature and the results of the present study.
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