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Title: 國中英語教師對溝通式教學法之認知探討
Other Titles: A Study on Junior High English Teachers' Perceptions toward Communicative Language Teaching
Authors: 賈慧文
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 在推行溝通式教學法的同時,不少研究發現英語教師表達它實行上的困難,但老師們對此教學法是否有清楚的認認,卻缺乏深度的是探究。本研究的目的即在探討國 中英語教師對溝通式教法之認知。研究主要採質性研究,以了宗老師對溝通式教學法的認知、態度及目前施行的狀況和困難。除多次的實地訪談外,另採三角檢測的 內涵,以多樣的方式收集資料,如困難度問卷、教案取向等,以達到質性研究的效度。參與的六位國中英語老師,其性別、年齡、年資、服務的學校性質,都儘量多 元,研究結果顯示,老師們對溝通式教學法的認識有些不是很清楚,但普遍肯定它教學上的意義,只是帢行上有諸多困難。
While attempts to introduce communicative language teaching (CLT) have been exerted, a number of teachers have reported its difficulties of implementation in Taiwan. Yet one of the potentially underlying factors in determining the feasibility of CLT, the teachers' perceptions or understandings about it, has hardly been explored. The purpose of this study was to identify junior high English teachers' perceptions toward CLT. To reach the validity of this qualitative study, triangulation skills such as interviews, questionnaires and preferences for lessons plans were conducted to precisely explore the teachers' understandings, attitudes, practices and difficulties about CLT. Six junior high English teachers, including both male and female, with various ages, years of experience, and teaching areas participated in this study. The results showed that a lack of clear and comprehensive understandings about CLT did remain despite a general unanimity about its recognition and difficulties.
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