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Title: 中國學生作文中Because的語域誤用
Other Titles: Register Misuses of "Because" in Chinese EFL Learners' English Writing: A CLEC-based Study
Authors: 黃大網
Issue Date: Oct-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: because是顯性因果關係標記之一,其口語用法經常體現出話語標記的特點,本文通過中國學習者英語語科庫採集語料並以美國Brown書面語語料庫為參 照,集中討論了中國學生作文中because的語域誤用,結果發,中國學生過分依賴於because的運用,且表現出顯的口語化與偏離學術語篇 because運用的常規。產生錯誤的原因包括漢語負遷移和發展性因素。
As an overt causal marker in English, 'because' often displays characteristics of discourse marker when used in colloquial situations. This paper mainly analyzes the register misuses of 'because' in Chinese EFL learners' English writing based on the "Chinese Learner Corpus" with a reference corpus-Brown. It is found that Chinese learners tend to have an overuse of 'because' in their writing, among which colloquialism stands out and generic features of academic writing see frequent violation. These mistakes can possibly be attributed to developmental errors and the negative transfer of the mother tongue.
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