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Title: Taiwanese Pre-Service English Teachers’ Attitude Towards Native-English-Speaking-Teachers and Native-and-Nonnative-English-Speaking-Teacher Team Teaching
Other Titles: 臺灣英語儲備教師與以英語為母語之外籍教師在英語教學上之競合關係
Authors: 王力億
Li-Yi Wang
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 此研究調查臺灣師範院校英語系學生對於在英語教學領域,與以英語為母語之外籍教師之間互相競爭與合作的態度。這篇報告涵蓋258 位來自臺灣5 所師範大學及教育大學英語系學生的問卷調查結果,以及其中35 位受訪者的深度訪談內容。研究結果顯示大多數學生將外籍教師視為在臺灣英語教學就業市場上的強勁對手,但他們並不反對引進合格的外籍英語教師到臺灣教學的政策。此外,他們相信與外籍教師進行協同教學將會對他們未來的學生在學習英語上有所助益,他們同時也有相當高的意願在未來與外籍教師進行協同教學。然而,他們擔心在協同教學的過程中會被學生及外籍教師「邊緣化」,也擔憂在與外籍教師溝通協調的過程中可能發生的衝突及對立關係。為了幫助這些臺灣英語教師在他們未來的教學生涯中發揮所學,英語教師教育必須扮演更重要的角色。
This study investigated the attitude of Taiwanese pre-service English teachers towards the competition and cooperation with native English speaking teachers (NESTs) in the English language teaching (ELT) profession. This study employed mixed-methods which included 258 surveys, and 35 interviews from five normal universities and universities of education in Taiwan. The findings show that most participants see NESTs as strong competitors in the employment market, but are not against the policy of hiring NESTs if they are qualified teachers. They believe team teaching with NESTs is beneficial to their students and are willing to team teach with NESTs, but are worried about being ‘marginalized’ by their students and NESTs. They are also concerned about the conflicts and tensions resulting from the process of communicating with NESTs. To help these prospective English teachers fulfill their duties in their upcoming teaching career, teacher education needs to take greater responsibility in supporting the teachers’ professional lives.
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