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Title: 雙語學童中、英文閱讀理解與寫作能力之相關性探討
Other Titles: The Relationship between First- and Second-Language Reading-Writing Skills
Authors: 張玉芳
Yuh-fang Chang
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 過去十幾年來,雖然有許多國外的學者對於接受沈浸式雙語教育學童所獲得之雙語能力之間的關係進行研究,但研究結果較多是來自加拿大接受英、法語沈浸式雙語教育或在美國接受英語、西班牙語沈浸式雙語教育的樣本群為主。因此,對於在臺灣接受中、英文沈浸式雙語教育學童所獲得之雙語能力之間的關係為何所知有限。本研究從1) 中、英文閱讀理解表現的相關性;2) 中、英文寫作能力表現的相關性;3) 中文閱讀理解與寫作表現的相關性以及4) 英文閱讀理解與寫作表現的相關性等四方面,探討接受早期中、英文沈浸式雙語教育 (early immersion education) 的國小學童之中、英文閱讀與寫作能力的相關性。參與本研究的學童為就讀於臺灣中、英雙語小學的五、六年級國小學童,共196 位。研究結果顯示在中、英文閱讀理解表現有顯著相關,支持Cummins (1979, 1991) 所提出的「語言相互依賴假說」。而中、英文寫作能力表現的相關性僅在六年級學童呈現顯著相關。
While research in reading-writing relationship between L1 and L2 has been fruitful, there are relatively few studies which examined the data from young Chinese/English bilingual children. This study investigated the relationship between the first language and second language reading and between first language and second language writing. In addition, the relationship between reading-writing in L1 and between reading-writing in L2 were examined. A total of 196 Chinese-English bilingual children (101 5th graders and 95 6th graders) participated in this study. Two standardized tests were selected to evaluate English/Chinese reading and writing skills: Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) and Chinese Writing Test (CWT). The results provided support for both linguistic interdependence hypothesis and linguistic threshold hypothesis.
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