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Title: Teaching Young Children English
Authors: 幼兒英語教學:外籍與中籍英語教師之經驗
Ming-Fang Hsieh
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 現有的文獻多著重於比較外籍和本國籍英語教師的差異,然而本研究試圖從另外一個角度來瞭解這些教師在台灣教導幼兒英文的共同經驗,因為研究顯示大部分的幼兒英語教師並未受過幼兒教育的訓練,因此當他們進入幼兒教育現場很可能面臨相似的挑戰。本研究參與者為四位分別代表不同背景的幼兒英語教師。研究資料包含課室觀察與訪談。研究結果從六個主題呈現幼兒英語教師的共同經驗,並提供相關建議以及未來研究方向。
As a contribution to the existing literature dedicated to the differences between native and non-native English speaking teachers, the primary purpose of this study is to provide a different perspective that explores English teachers' common experiences working in early childhood programs. The underlying assumption is that most early childhood English language teachers, having no specific training in teaching young children English, may share similar experiences. Four teachers representing different backgrounds were included in this study. Data were collected through interviews and classroom observations. Six common teaching experiences were identified and discussed in six areas: (1) easy access to the position but lack of training in early childhood education, (2) English as the sole medium of instruction, (3) encouraging children to speak English as a common practice, (4) teaching English in isolation, (5) teaching as accommodation, and (6) teaching English as a process, not as an end. Suggestions and directions for future research were also addressed.
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