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Title: 臺灣國小試行英文字幕卡通電影教學模式之初探
Other Titles: Developing a New Model for Captioned Video Teaching in Taiwanese Elementary Schools
Authors: 林慧瑛
Issue Date: Apr-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣國小英文課程自2001年倉促實行以後難免出現了一些教學土的問題,其中以如何克服城鄉差別,輔助中籍英文教師實行文化情境教學尤為突出。本文從理指與實踐兩個角度,探討國小英文教學中建立字幕卡通電影教學模式的可能性與可行性,以期利用現代科技,採用網路或衛星電視傳播,輔以方法的指導,克服部分地區師資及資源缺乏之不足﹒本文從理論的層面出發,系統考量以“基模理論"及“雙信號理論"為基礎的各種字幕電影教學模式,發現西方現有的模式均無法直接應用於臺灣國小。由此本文進而提出作為構建新的教學模式的初步理論構思。
In 2001, the English language curriculum of nine-year comprehensive guidelines has been rashly implemented. Many problems since then have arisen, particularly in how to narrow the gaps between rural and urban schools and assist contextual instruction of cultural artifacts of Chinese teachers. Based on theoretical and practical aspects, this study discusses the possibility and feasibility of establishing a captioned cartoon teaching model for elementary English instruction. It aims to apply modem technology of intemet and satellites to deliver the content complemented with a teaching model so as to improve teacher quality and resources in remote areas. At theoretical level, it systematically considers "schema theory" and "dual coding theory" as a framework of captioned video teaching models. At practical level, it discovers that existing models cannot apply directly to Taiwanese context and thereby, some theoretical concepts are proposed as a basis for a new teaching model.
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