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Title: Bridging the Gap between Education and Computer Technology
Other Titles: 填補教育與電腦科技之間的間隔:轉型教學法與以電腦為媒介的通訊科技
Authors: 彭登龍
Issue Date: Jul-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 在以電腦為媒介的訊科技方面,其大部分的刊物主要著重於技術方面的問題。很少的刊物曾發展出理論架構。在此文中,筆者主張為了教師有效地使用電腦科技於教 學中,轉型教學法係不可或缺的要件。為了說明筆者的主張,筆者將循下列三方面進行。首先,筆者針對現行在以電腦為媒介的通訊科技的教學法的應用作文獻回 顧,筆者會解釋為何需要理論架構來引導電腦科技於第二語言或外語教學的使用,針對現行以電腦為媒介的訊科技用三個強而有力的理由加以說明。第二,筆者會界 定解釋轉型教學法,並與傳統式教學法以及前進式的教學法比較。第三,筆者主張只有當以電腦為媒介的通訊科技為轉型教學法所用時,我們從事教育的教師們方可 幫助我們的學生探究以電腦為媒介的通訊科技之本質並強化其電腦科技的潛能以促進學生們於知識轉型方面更高層次的思考技能。最後,筆者提出以電腦為媒介的通 訊科技結合轉型教學法的預測的影觀以資作為教育的啟示與未來研究的討論園地。
Most publications on computer-mediated communication (henceforth CMC) technology have been primarily focused on technical issues. Few have developed theoretical frameworks. In this paper, I claim that transformative pedagogy is essential in order for teachers to effectively use technology in their teaching. In an effort to justify my claim, I will proceed in the following three ways. First, after reviewing the literature on the existing pedagogical applications of CMC technology, I will explicate why a theoretical framework is necessary to guide the use of technology in second/foreign language education. Second, transformative pedagogy is defined and explained as compared to traditional pedagogy and progressive pedagogy. Third, I argue that only when CMC technology is in the service of transformative pedagogy can we as educators help our students explore the nature of CMC technology and maximize is protential in promoting students' higher-order thinking skills in terms of knowledge transformation. Finally, the educational and research implications of CMC technology in conjunction with transformative pedagogy are discussed.
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