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Title: 臺灣人對印度英語的看法:從英文變體教學中見學生的態度轉變
Other Titles: Taiwanese Perceptions of Indian English: A Perceptual Change in the Learning of English Variation
Authors: James H. Yang
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: Kachru (1992) 的多元英語教學理念,已達成學界共識,皆認為英文學習者必須熟悉不同的英語變體 (Canagarajah, 2006;Jenkins, 2007; Kirkpatrick, 2007; Matsuda & Friedrich, 2011;McKay & Bokhorst-Heng, 2008; Ruhlemann, 2008),然而至目前為止,少有學者將英語變體的概念整合在教學上,以促進英語在國際溝通上的使用。因此,本研究開發課程教案,以Rickford 與Rickford (2007) 的修正式對比分析法,教導英語學習者在學習標準英語的同時,也熟悉印度口音。此研究對51 位臺灣的大學生進行前測和後測,檢測他們在外加英語口音的課程之後,對於印度英語腔調的認知。結果顯示,大部分的學生已改變偏見,轉而對印度英語持向正面的態度。百分之84 的學生願意使用英語與印度人溝通。整體而言,超過百分之89 的學生同意這個學習課程有助他們習得印度英語和美式英語的口音差異,並且讓他們懂得尊敬其他國家的英語口音,也加強了他們的國際觀。
Kachru’s (1992) proposed paradigm shift towards a pluralistic model of English has resulted in increased recognition that English learners need to be familiar with distinctive varieties of English (Canagarajah, 2006; Jenkins, 2007; Kirkpatrick, 2007; Matsuda & Friedrich, 2011; McKay & Bokhorst-Heng, 2008; Ruhlemann, 2008), but so far little has been done to integrate the concept of English variation into the teaching of English for global communication. Accordingly, in this study, we developed an accent-plus lesson plan on Indian English (IndE) using the Revised Contrastive Analysis proposed by Rickford and Rickford (2007) to familiarize English learners with IndE accents. We examined 51 Taiwanese university students’ pre- and post-lesson perceptions. After the instruction, most of the students held unbiased attitudes towards IndE. When asked whether they were willing to communicate with Indians in English, 84% of the participants gave positive responses. Overall, the majority of the participants (more than 89%) agreed that the learning activities helped them to understand the differences between IndE and General American English, to respect other varieties of English, and to enhance their sense of internationalization.
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