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Title: 從高級到優級
Other Titles: From A to A+: The Design and Implementation of a Language Enhancement Course for Chinese-English Interpreting Students
Authors: 張嘉倩
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 口譯學生可視為是廣義的進階外語學習者。優異的外語能力為口譯能力的基石,口譯員(專業翻譯人員)也因此與外交官員、協商談判主談人員等並列全民英檢優級檢測的少數建議職類。本文探討過今中英會議口譯學生的外語學習課程,結合口譯領域與外語習得領成的研究結果,以將口譯學生的外語課程視為專業英語的精神,探討中英口譯員使用英語的情境與需求,設計符合口譯學生語言需求的「口譯英語」課程內容與活動,並描述筆者設計並實際施行之口譯專業英語教學案例。希冀在嘗試解決口譯教學中長久的語言學習問題的同時,也為口譯研究與英語教學研究搭起跨學科研究的橋樑。
Interpreting students are often advanced language learners. As superior language skills are critical for interpreters, professional interpreters are among the small number of professions, along with diplomats and trade negotiators, recommended to pass the Superior level of the General English Proficiency Test. This paper describes the design and implementation of a language enhancement course for students receiving training in Chinese-English conference interpretation. The“ English for Conference Interpreting Students" course design combines research in interpreting and second language acquisition and adopts the approach of English for Specific Purposes in order to meet the highly specific language enhancement needs of Chinese-English interpreting students. Language enhancement of the B language for interpreting students has always been an issue in the teaching of conference interpretation. It is hoped that this paper will serve as an interdisciplinary bridge between research in conference interpreting and English learning.
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