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Title: The Development and Validation of a Listening Practice Strategy Questionnaire
Other Titles: 聽力練習策略問卷之編製與驗證
Authors: 李惠敏
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 聽力為溝通能力及語言習得之關鍵第一步,然而第二語言/外語聽力卻可能是四種語言技能中最不為人知,也最難學習的技能(Vandergrift, 2004)。 雖然練習是最普遍的語言學習策略(Bialystok, 1981),但究竟英語學習者如何練習聽力及練習頻率卻無從知曉。故本研究之兩大目的為編製一份具有信效度的問卷來調查學生有哪些英語聽力練習策略及檢視練習策略之使用頻率。研究對象為台灣九所大學的306位英語系學生。探索性因素分析的結果顯示五個有效的因素,包括:解決問題、刻意、語言處理、聽覺沉浸及其語理解式練習。Cronbach's alpha 1在數為高信度的.92 。五個練習因素的運用情形有通常不用的到有時候會用,其中聽覺沉浸式練習使用的最多,而英語理解式練習使用的最少。本研究結果建議此問卷可為聰力策略訓練及進一步有關練習策略與聽力程度相關研究之有用測量工其。
Listening comprehension is a critical first step toward communicative competence and language acquisition. Nevertheless, second/foreign language listening comprehension is probably the least explicit and the most difficult skill to learn among the four language skills (Vandergrift, 2004). Although the most general language learning strategy is "practicing" (Bialystok, 1981), it remains unclear exactly how English as a foreign language (EFL) learners practice listening and how often they do it. The two main purposes of the present study were to develop a valid and reliable questionnaire to assess EFL students' listening practice strategies and to examine practice frequency. A total of 306 Taiwanese English majors from nine universities participated in this study. An exploratory factor analysisyielded five valid factors: problem-solving, deliberate practice, language processing, aural immersion, and English-comprehension practice. The analysis showed high reliability with a Cronbach' s alpha of .92. The five practice factors received moderately low to medium usage. Aural immersion practice was used most often, while English-comprehension practice was used the least. The findings suggest that this scale is a useful tool for both listening strategy training and future research on the relationship between practice strategies and listening proficiency.
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