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Title: 英語學習者如何拒絕請求之探討
Other Titles: Sociocultural Competence and Language Transfer: Cases Involving Refusals
Authors: 張玉芳
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究的目的,即在探討臺灣的英語學習者以英語表達「拒絕」時的適切程度。研究的樣本包含四組,第一組是以英語為母語的美國人、第二組為以大二中文系學 生、第三、四組則為英文系大一、大四的學生。研究資料乃經由參與者針對問卷中描述的情境作回應取得。結果顯示,當英文系學生以國語及英語表達「拒絕」時, 在許多方面混雜了兩語言所屬的文化。
Success in communication requires not only linguistics knowledge but also culture-specific knowledge and ability since culture and language are inseparable. While influences form a learner's native language and culture on his/her interlanguage pragmatic performance has been amply documented, most research has examined differences between American English and Japanese and little has been done to describe and contrast Chinese and English refusals. The purpose of this study was to examine the amount of pragmatic transfer in refusals made by native speakers of Mandarin who were speaking English, and to determine to what extent the transfer was influenced by the learners' level of L2 proficiency. Subjects in this study were divided into four groups: 30 Americans, 33 fourth-year university students whose major was English, 31 fist-year university students whose major was English, and 30 second-year university students whose major was Chinese. The instrument used to collect the data was a written role-play questionnaire. The responses were first coded and then analyzed in terms of 1)the order of the semantic formula, 2)the frequency of the semantic of the semantic formula, and 3)the content of the semantic formula. Evidence of cross-linguistic influence was fond in all three areas.
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