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Title: EFL Teachers' Perceptions and Practices Regarding the Implementation of Remedial Instruction for Underachievers
Other Titles: 國民中小學英語教師對於英語學習低成就學生補救教學之看法與實施現況
Authors: 許月貴
Issue Date: Apr-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 程度差異現象以及學習低成就學生所衍生的教學相關問題普遍存在於國中小英語教室中,因此,針對學習低成就學生實施補救教學,以保障其學習權益並提升教育均等的機會,已成為教育改革的重要方向之一。本研究以台北市國民中小學英語教師為研究對象進行問卷調查及抽樣訪談,期瞭解教師對於英語學習低成就學生補救教學的看法及實施現況,同時針對教師所面臨的教學困境及所需支援,提出改進補救教學的建議。有效回收問卷共計239份。本研究結果如下:一、教師普遍肯定英語學習低成就學生補救教學的重要性,並有高度實施意願,同時認為應加強教師對於英語學習低成就學生實施補救教學的相關知能;二、有效課堂補救教學策略包含「同儕學習」及「小組合作學習」,教師對學生的正面鼓勵亦有助於改善學生學習態度;三、教師所需支援包含:減輕教師負擔、結合家長及社區資源、提供適合英語學習低成就學生的學習教材。本文最後並提出提升英語學習低成就學生補救教學效能的相關建議。
The existence of a large gap among students' English language abilities observed both in the elementary school and the junior high school EFL contexts has drawn increasing attention of practicing teachers and educational authorities. Following the recommendations of educators who believe that as part of educational reform all students should be provided with opportunities to learn, remedial instruction has been introduced as a method to help underachievers. The present study investigated 239 elementary and junior high school EFL teachers in Taipei City, Taiwan to understand teachers' perceptions and practices regarding the implementation of remedial instruction for underachievers. Based on the teachers' suggestions, this study then provides insights for practitioners and teacher educators in the implementation of remedial instruction. The findings show that most of the teachers were willing to implement remedial instruction for underachievers; however, their knowledge of remedial instruction procedures still had room for improvement. Effective in-class strategies identified were "peer-tutoring," "cooperative learning," and "showing a positive attitude towards underachieving students." Further, this study indicates that the support teachers need in implementing remedial instruction includes reducing teachers' workload, incorporation of resources from parents and the community, and providing learning materials conducive to students' language learning. Recommendations for promoting the effectiveness of remedial instruction are discussed.
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