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Title: 以英語為國際語(EIL)之義涵與教學觀
Other Titles: The Features of English as an International Language (EIL) and its Teaching Approach
Authors: 廖柏森
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 隨著全球化浪潮,英語已然成為一種國際語(EIL, English as an InternationalLanguage) ,以目前英語在全世界散佈和使用情況而言,非以英語為母語人士( non-native speakers of English )彼此用EIL 溝通的頻率已遠超過與以英語為母語人士( native speakers of English )交流的機會,全球使用EIL 的重要性將與日俱增,可是國內英語教學界對於EIL 的探討仍不多見,因此有必要對其義涵和教學觀加以釐清。EIL 的教學觀點提供全球性英語本土化的理論基礎,希望非以英語為母語者跳脫西方主流文化的宰制,既能夠使用英語達到跨文化溝通的目的,同時也能發展該文化使用英語的特色。而EIL 所牽涉到的議題還包括英語的所有權、英語相互理解(mutual intelligibility) 的建立、文化認同,以及過於當地文化環境的英語教法教材。
Trends toward globalization have made English achieve the status of an intemationallanguage (EIL, English as an Intemational Language). Due to the global spread and stratification of EIL, cross-culture interactions in English often involve both native and non-native speakers of English. Particularly, non-native speakers of English have now greatly outnumbered native speakers in terms of using English for intemational communication. Since new English varieties developed by non-native speakers are mushrooming around the globe, the multiplicity of contexts for the use of EIL worldwide deserves our careful study. However, insufficient attention so far has been paid to the discussion of EIL in Taiwan; therefore, the main purpose of this article is to explore the extended meaning and features of EIL and thento elaborate on the teaching approach it promotes. EIL provides a theoretical framework for non-native speakers of English to develop indigenized Englishes within their local contexts, hoping they could be liberated from the control of westem cultural hegemony. Thus, the primary goal of EIL teaching is to achieve effective cross-culture communication as well as to recognize the various ways in which English is used within multilingual communities. Other central issuesemerging from the expanding reach of EIL also include the ownership of English, the establishment of mutual intelligibility among English varieties, and the development of socioculturally appropriate teaching methodology.
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