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Title: 高雄市國中教師對樂學計畫合理性評估之研究:方案理論評鑑的觀點
Other Titles: Reasonableness of the Happy Learning Program Assessed by Junior High School Teachers in Kaohsiung: A Program Theory Evaluation
Authors: 張炳煌
Ping-Huang Chang, Ching-Hwa Tsai, Ying-Chieh Chen
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在運用方案理論評鑑取徑,檢視高雄市國中教師對於樂學計畫合理性之評定,除探討政策形成背景與實施情形外,也關切政策本身的理論假設與規劃邏輯是否周延。本研究提出樂學計畫之方案理論架構為,以「多元適性、就近入學、開創均質」為基礎理論假設,開展出三條理論路徑,分別以「避免單一入學標準」、「引進對應學校概念」、「不進行跨校比較」為子目標,並依其規劃邏輯擬訂方案措施。此方案理論架構為本研究之評鑑架構,據此進行問卷調查,共有426 位教師參與研究。研究結果如下:一、樂學計畫具合理性,但各規劃邏輯合理性高低有別;二、樂學計畫基礎理論假設可解釋規劃邏輯之合理性,有助釐清方案成敗關鍵;三、不同區域國中教師對於樂學計畫合理性之評定並無差異。最後本研究提出政策上的建議。
Admission to senior high school without entrance examinations has been proposed and conducted by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. In view of unprecedented changes and challenges, it is valuable to examine some pilot projects that have been implemented by local governments. Considering that program theory evaluation has been used increasingly in recent decades, and its firmly established ability to provide suggestions on how a program can be improved, it was employed in this study to assess the reasonableness of the Happy Learning Program.Based on the principles of Multiple Adaptive Education, Nearby-Enrolment, and Creating Homogeneity, this study reconstructed the program theories underlying the Happy Learning Program. A questionnaire survey was administered to 426 teachers who were drawn from 46 junior high schools in Kaohsiung. The main conclusions were as follows: the Happy Learning Program is reasonable, but its degree of reasonableness varies with planning logic; the reasonableness degree of planning logic can be explained using fundamental theories, enabling identification of crucial elements in the program; no significant differences were observed among districts regarding the reasonableness of the Happy Learning Program. Based on the aforementioned findings, this study provides implications for policy making.
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