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Title: 四向度成就目標對教師創意教學表現之影響:創意自我效能的中介效果與團隊學習行為的跨層級調節效果檢定
Other Titles: Four-Dimensional Achievement Goal Effects on Creative Teaching Performance: Testing the Mediating Effects of Creative Self-Efficacy and the Cross-Level Moderating Effects of Team Learning Behavior
Authors: 陳玉樹
Yu-Shu Chen
Ming-Chien Kuo
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究的目的在探討教學領域四向度成就目標對高中教師創意教學表現的影響,並檢定創意自我效能的中介效果與團隊學習行為的跨層級調節效果。以問卷調查法蒐集資料,研究對象為全臺高中之國文、英文及數學科教師。總計回收有效問卷1,620 份,來自93 所學校的218 個教學研究會。以階層線性模式進行資料分析,研究結果顯示:一、成就目標會透過創意自我效能影響創意教學表現,其中學習趨向、學習逃避、表現趨向具正向中介效果,而表現逃避則是負向的中介效果;二、團隊學習行為會正向影響創意教學表現;三、團隊學習行為對學習趨向與創意教學表現之關係具有正向調節效果。
The purposes of this study were to explore the mediating effects that creative self-efficacy exerts on the relationship between achievement goals in the teaching domain and creative teaching performance, as well as the moderating effects that team learning behavior exerts on the relationships between learning-orientation goals and creative teaching performance. A survey method was used to collect the data. Participants were 1,620 teachers from 218 committees of teaching and research in 93 senior high schools. We used hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) to conduct data analysis. The results indicated that (1) creative self-efficacy mediated the relationship between achievement goals and creative teaching performance, in which the learning-approach, learning-avoidance, and performance-approach exerted positive mediating effects; however, the performance-avoidance exerted a negative mediating effect; (2) team learning behavior exerted a positive effect on creative teaching performance; and (3) team learning behavior positively moderated the relationship between learning-approach and creative teaching performance.
Other Identifiers: 8DF542E3-EEBE-47A8-6A3C-C2D1E532CCE7
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