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Title: 多元文化教師圖像之批判反思
Other Titles: Mapping a “Multicultural Teacher” and Its Critical Reflection: The Aboriginal Teachers’Definitions of Situations
Authors: 王雅玄
Ya-Hsuan Wang
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 在多元文化教育的潮流下,教師被期待擁有欣賞他者文化的能力,以減低個人或國家的我族中心主義。中小學教師是多元文化教育實踐成敗的關鍵,本研究將多元文化師資議題置於當今社會文化脈絡下,以情境訪談法與13 位原住民基層教師探索多元文化教師的圖像,從中反思教師觀點的多元文化師資問題。研究結果發現,當原住民教師描繪多元文化教師圖像時,僅觸及教師應瞭解原住民文化此一層面,卻未能涵蓋原住民文化之外的族群,如此一來是否會落入「原住民文化等同於多元文化」的單一文化視野,值得深思。此外,原住民教師多從我族中心的立場「要求」多數族群「應該」以欣賞喜愛的情意態度來認肯原住民文化,此種情意面的要求恐怕是個烏托邦,因為情意是要自發自願引發而非「要求」得來的。本文針對Taylor(1994)「認肯要求」(the demand for recognition)有辯證的討論,並提出多元文化素養的努力方向。
With the increasing trend on multicultural education, teachers are expected to appreciate other cultures and eliminate personal and national ethnocentrism so that they can understand that a specific culture is not intrinsically superior or inferior to another. This research, focused on the concept of multicultural teacher, rethinks the dialogue between qualitative researchers and Aboriginal schoolteachers. Empirical data were collected by situation interviews with 13 Aboriginal teachers and discussed from the viewpoints of critical multiculturalism. The author links the research findings into some discussing questions as follows. The Aboriginal teachers in this study, when being asked to conceptualise the multicultural teacher, merely value Aboriginal cultures without referring to the non-Aboriginal cultures. It is discussed whether the viewpoint seeing Aboriginal cultures as multicultural education is a sort of mono-cultural perspective or not. Furthermore, Aboriginal teachers demand for a ‘due recognition’ from others in an affective sense of understanding and appreciation. It is further discussed that if such a Taylorian recognition is mono-cultural Aborigine-centred, a sense of essentialist, or an ideal utopian. Finally, some suggestions about multicultural literacy are proposed.
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