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Title: 新住民家庭青少年子女生活適應狀況模式檢測
Authors: 陳毓文
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本論文檢視新住民家庭青少年子女與一般家庭同儕在學業表現、同儕關係、心理與行為方面的適應狀況是否有差異,並從青少年認同發展與符號互動論觀點出發,探討解釋新住民家庭青少年子女生活適應狀況的相關因素。本研究調查對象為新住民家庭(父或母為東南亞籍者)中就讀七、八、九年級之婚生子女,經分層隨機抽樣後共取得新住民家庭人數391 人(44.2%),非新住民家庭人數493 人(55.8%)。研究結果顯示:不論是學業表現、同儕關係、心理困擾或是行為問題等,新住民家庭青少年子女的表現和一般家庭子女沒有差異。在針對新住民家庭青少年子女生活適應解釋因素進行因徑分析後發現,根據理論所建構的模型對於生活適應的解釋不完全相同,然不論是對弱勢族群的認同觀或是所感知的社會歧視,均可影響個人的生活適應,只是對弱勢族群的認同觀在心理與行為適應方面既具有直接的解釋力,也能透過影響個人自尊心來產生間接的影響力;但對於同儕關係適應與學業表現而言,對弱勢族群的認同觀則只有在透過個人自尊才能產生影響;而所感知的社會歧視則均透過自尊而後影響其適應狀況。研究最後針對以上結果進行討論與提出相關建議。
This study attempted to compare life adjustment of adolescents from mix-heritage (one parent from Southeast Asian countries) and single-heritage families. It also investigated factors associated with problems in adjustment of adolescents from new immigrant families in their academic and social lives, including educational performance, peer relationship, psychological and behavioral problemsfrom the theoretical perspectives of identity formation and symbolic interaction, factors associated with the of adolescents from new immigrant families. Using the multi-stage cluster sampling method, 884 adolescents aged 12 to 16 participated in this study. Three hundred and ninety-one were biracial (44.2%) and 493 were monoracial (55.8%). No difference was found between groups in all measures of life adjustment. Path analyses indicated that relationships between the proposed explanatory variables and life adjustment were not quite the same for the two groups of adolescents. However, minority racial identity and perceived racial discrimination predicted the life adjustment of adolescents from new immigrant families. Minority racial identity had both direct and indirect effects on psychological and behavioral adjustment, but had indirect effects on educational performance and peer relationship. Perceived racial discrimination only had indirect effects on life adjustment via self-esteem.
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