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Title: 由眼動資料探討連接詞在閱讀歷程中扮演的角色
Other Titles: The Relationship between Connectives and Reading Processes: Evidence from Eye Movements
Authors: 詹益綾
Vi-Ling Chan
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本實驗目的在探討提供語法標誌線索的「連接詞」對讀者整合訊息以及處理的歷程。實驗一以眼動探討兩個問題:(一)訊息對立程度與連接詞「但是」的關係,(二)讀者處理連接詞訊息是符合延遲整合假設或是逐漸整合方式。結果顯示連接詞對讀者閱讀是有幫助的,且讀者需要花較長的時間處理句子對立關係高的句子。讀者對句子訊息的處理似乎是以逐漸整合的方式。實驗二加入另一有連接詞「因為」的篇章,結果同實驗一,再次顯示閱讀時不是在句子結束才整合。綜合結果,本研究肯定連接詞在閱讀中的助益,而處理歷程是逐步整合語詞,而不是延遲整合。
Two experiments examined the effect of connectives on sentence and text reading. Delayed integration hypothesis and incremental interpretation have been postulated to examine the role of connectives. According to the delayed integration hypothesis, readers process two clauses linked by a connective by interpreting each clause separately and combining them when they reach the end of the second clause. However, incremental interpretation proposes that semantic processing takes place incrementally. In the first experiment, readers’eye movements were monitored as they read sentences containing adversative the connectives “but” with different clausal semantic relatedness. Results indicated that readers spent more processing time on clauses with less semantic relatedness. Connectives helped reader integrating clausal semantic information. There was no interaction between clausal semantic relatedness and connectives. Moreover, duration of readers’ first gaze on the end of second clause was not longer than any other content words. It seemed to indicate readers didn’t integrate clauses at the end of the second clause, and that readers integrated words incrementally. In the second experiment, both adversative and causal connectives were inserted in texts. The incremental interpretation was also observed. These experiments support that connectives facilitate reading and readers integrate semantic units incrementally.
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