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Title: 焦點解決短期治療高助益性重要事件及其諮商技術之初探研究
Other Titles: High Helpful Significant Events and Related Techniques in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Exploratory Study
Authors: 許維素
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究的研究目的在探討焦點解決短期治療(SFBT)高助益性重要事件及其運用的諮商技術。本研究於三位當事人(一名男性,兩名女性)共九次SFBT晤談後,隨即以人際歷程回憶法(IPR)來訪談諮商員,每次訪談約3-4小時。之後,將所有IPR訪談稿及諮商逐字稿,邀請四位協同研究者以發現式取向進行資料分析。研究結果發現SFBT重要事件可歸為:探討個人與其困境互動的重要主觀詮釋、正向所欲諮商目標的探究與形成、注入希望感的遠景建構與描繪、因應困境及其正向力量的轉化、晤談前例外的深究與善用、晤談間進展的確認與強化、具體立即可行的小目標確認與建構、正向回饋、諮商所得的彙整與追蹤應用等九類。本研究尚發現SFBT重要事件與其他常見的重要事件類別的內涵有共通的重疊性,但其歸類的聚合情況、運用技術及出現順序則服膺SFBT哲學思維與實作架構。最後,根據研究限制,對未來研究提出相關建議。
The main purpose of this study was to identify the high helpful significant events in solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). Two females and one male participated as clients in this study. Immeditalely right after each counseling session, the female counselor was interviewed for 3-4 hours by using the Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR) method. A total of nine counseling sessions and 32 hours of IPR interviews were transcribed and analyzed based on the discovery-oriented method. Nine categories of helpful significant events emerged from the SFBT sessions, including: exploration of clients’ subjective explanation of their problems, formulation of desired counseling goals, projection of hopeful and preferred future prospect, transformation of coping difficulties into positive strengths, exploration and utilization of exceptions, acknowledgment and reinforcement of counseling progresses, establishment of small, concrete, and attainable counseling goals, provision of positive feedback to clients, and integration and application of counseling gains to subsequent life situations. This study also found that the helpful significant events in SFBT were overlapped with other approaches, but fit the unique philosophy and practice of SFBT. Finally some suggestions were provided for future studies in relative fields.
Other Identifiers: D32AE867-73C4-8A7C-2AE9-8155FD8F56E9
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