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Title: 兒童隱藏情緒理解之研究
Other Titles: Children's Understanding of Concealing Emotion
Authors: 陳佑甄
You-Chen Chen
Jui-Chih Chin
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以年齡、性別和情境為變項,探究兒童隱藏情緒之理解情形。研究發現在隱藏情緒情境需要之區辨方面,兒童的年齡愈大,愈認為情境有隱藏情緒的需要,且兒童較易在自我保護和負向情緒情境當中認為有隱藏情緒的需要。此外,在利社會情境當中,八歲兒童較六歲兒童更認為有隱藏情緒的需要;而在自我保護情境當中,六歲兒童較四歲兒童更認為有隱藏情緒的需要。另一方面,女孩在負向情緒情境當中較在正向情境當中更容易認為有隱藏情緒的需要。在隱藏情緒方式的理解方面,年齡愈大的兒童愈能夠瞭解有效的隱藏情緒方式,且兒童在自我保護和負向情緒情境當中,更能夠瞭解有效的隱藏情緒方式。最後在隱藏情緒程度的理解方面,兒童在負向情緒情境所認為之替代情緒表達程度,較在正向情緒情境來得強。
The purpose of this study was to explore how children's understanding of concealing emotion varied as a function of age, gender, and contexts. Participants were 153 children who were interviewed individually. Results indicated that children's understanding of the necessity to conceal emotions increased with age. They were more able to identify the necessity to conceal emotions in self-protective and negative contexts. Furthermore, eight-year-old children were better at perceiving the demands of concealing emotions in prosocial contexts than six-year-olds. On the other hand, in self-protective contexts, six-year-olds were better than the four-year-old group to identify the demands to conceal emotions. Girls were better at perceiving the needs to conceal negative, rather than positive, emotions. No differences across emotion valences were found for boys. Older children were better than the younger ones in understanding effective ways to conceal emotions. In addition, children across age groups understood effective ways to conceal emotions more in the contexts of self-protection and negative emotions. Lastly, the degree of disguise (i.e. the intensity of facial expression of replaced emotion) was stronger when children tried to conceal negative rather than positive emotions.
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