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Title: 以磁共振造影取向探討身體活動與神經認知功能老化:回顧與展望
Other Titles: Exploring the Relationship between Physical Activity and Aging of Neurocognitive Functioning Aging: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Approach
Authors: 張育愷
Yu-Kai Chang
Chien-Heng Chu
Chun-Chih Wang
Kao-Teng Yang
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 許多研究指出,身體活動在減緩因年齡導致之認知功能衰退扮演重要的角色;其中,以認知神經科學取向探究身體活動、認知功能及大腦的關連,已成為國際間研究最為新穎的主流發展之一。本文之目的係以磁共振造影取向之研究為主軸,整理與分析國際間在身體活動、認知功能老化及大腦結構的研究成果。結果發現,身體活動對於大腦有其正面效益,而近十年國際間對該議題已採用多元方向,包括橫斷式與縱貫式之流行病學與實驗研究等進行探究。具體而言,研究可依據變項或分析方式區分為身體適能、心血管適能、灰質與白質、神經聯繫、特定大腦結構或中介分析等方向探討。為達到與國際間研究之接軌,國內研究者應重視當前跨領域研究發展的趨勢,並建議可從身體適能的次成分、競技與健身運動型態、認知功能與測驗的選擇、調節因子、以及更嚴謹的研究設計等方向作進一步探究。
Considerable research has indicated that physical activity plays a significant role in delaying aged-related cognitive decline. Among these studies cognitive neuroscience is one of the most contemporary approaches used to exploring the relationships among physical activity, cognitive functionings, and human brain status. The purpose of this review is to compare and analyze studies that the applied of magnetic resonance imaging studies regarding on physical activity, aging of neurocognitive functioning, and brain structures. Results reveal that physical activity has beneficial effects on brain structure, and international research has been employed by examining multi-directional dimensional analysis, including cross-sectional, longitudinal, epidemiological and experimental approaches. Specifically, based on the variables and analysis approaches utilized, these studies can be categorized according to measurements of physical fitness, cardiovascular fitness, white and gray matter statuses, neuron connectivity, specific brain structure variations, and mediational analysis. To achieve international status, research in Taiwan need to focus on issues that address the sub-components of physical fitness, including sport and exercise modalities, cognitive functionings and their measurements, and the status of the moderators using, using more rigid research designs in future studies..
Other Identifiers: C7336608-09B6-A940-A61B-94BEB4929F2F
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