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Title: 不執著量表在台灣之中文化信、效度分析及其與心理健康之關係
Other Titles: The Reliability and Validity of the The Chinese Version of the Nonattachment Scale: Reliability, validity, and Its Relationship with Mental Health
Authors: 趙舒禾
Shu-He Chao
Ping-Hwa Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究探討以東方文化所發展出來之心理建構--不執著(nonattachment);研究目的在於檢驗「不執著量表」(Sahdra, Shaver, & Brown, 2010)中文化之信、效度,並探討其與心理健康之關係。本研究採用調查法,研究對象為國軍部隊之官士兵313 人。研究結果顯示:「不執著」與「自我決定」、「主觀幸福感」有顯著之正向關係,與「焦慮」和「壓力知覺」有負向關係。此外,本研究亦特別針對華人文化中具有重要地位的「中庸思維」與「不執著」進行概念區辨的考驗。以驗證性因素分析結果顯示:「不執著」能與「中庸思維」有所區辨,且「不執著」對各心理健康指標之預測力均優於「中庸思維」。整體研究結果顯示:「不執著量表」之中文化,獲得可接受之信、效度支持;而此一概念在諮商實務及心理健康上亦具有重要價值。研究者期望此一概念及其測量,能對未來相關研究及諮商實務有所貢獻。
Recently, a scale was developed to measure the Buddhist notion of “nonattachment,” which means “release from mental fixations” (Sahdra, Shaver, & Brown, 2010, p.116). We investigated the validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the Nonattachment Scale and explored its relationship with a variety of psychological constructs in Taiwan. We administered to a total of 313 military soldiers a package of scales. The results showed that the Chinese version of the Nonattachment Scale reached acceptable levels of reliability and validity. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) showed that nonattachment was related but distinguishable from the Chinese construct of zhong-yong thinking style. Nonattachment was positively correlated with the majority of the positive constructs, including subjective well-being and self-determination, and was negatively correlated with negative constructs, including state-trait anxiety and perceived stress evaluation. The implications of how nonattachment and its measurement may contribute to counseling practice were discussed.
Other Identifiers: AA52B563-982F-872A-1CC7-E869F2A50C42
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