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Title: 從情緒平和與止觀探討心理位移日記書寫方法的療癒機制
Other Titles: Exploring the Mechanism of Psychological Displacement Paradigm in Diary-Writing: The Effects of Emotion Peacefulness and Mindfulness
Authors: 張仁和
Jen-Ho Chang
Chin-Lan Huang
Yi-Cheng Lin
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 以往心理位移書寫的研究主要聚焦於療癒效果跟位格特性的檢驗,探討其療癒效果機制的實徵研究仍付之闕如。本研究回顧相關文獻,並從情緒平和與心理學中的止觀概念切入探討其心理機制。本研究招募65名受試者,進行兩週共四次的心理位移書寫。結果顯示心理位移書寫能促進個體的情緒平和,並增加止觀程度,與心理適應指標的提升。多元迴歸分析也發現,藉由心理位移書寫所提升的止觀改變量,能有效預測個體心理適應指標的改變量。此結果支持心理位移藉由止觀的提升,促進心理適應的主張。文末針對心理位移書寫與止觀進行理論延伸與應用的討論。
Previous studies on psychological displacement paradigm in diary-writing (PDPD) mainly focused on its' pronoun characteristics and healing effects. However, the underlying psychological mechanisms of PDPD's healing effects remained mostly unexplored. Therefore, the present stud y aimed to investigate PDPD's healing effect from the perspectives of emotion peacefulness and mindfulness. Sixty-five participants wrote about their recent negative life experiences two times a week for two weeks. The results showed that participants promoted their emotion peacefulness, mindfulness, and psychological adjustments. Multiple regression analyses revealed that changes in psychological adjustments were significantly predicted by correspondent changes in mindfulness. The theoretical and practical implications of these results are discussed.
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