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Title: 大學生心理健康與多元生理回饋
Other Titles: A Study of the Relationships Between Mental Health and Biofeedback for NTNU Students
Authors: 陳李綢
Lee-Chou Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要在探討大學生在不同壓力情境下的生理回饋反應與心理健康表現。並且探討心理健康、生理回饋指數與壓力間的關係。本研究以師大大一學生1410 名為對象,實施心理健康量表,再從其中篩選的名心理健康指數低於80 分以下學生,再隨機分派兩組參與生理回饋反應實驗。本研究結果:1.編製的大學生精健量表是一個穩定及有效量表,可以分析大學生的問我悅納、人際關係、家庭和諧、情緒平衡及樂觀進取五種分數及總分。2. 在不同壓力情境下,實驗組與控制組的生理回饋反應有顯著差異;但賞驗組與控制組的心理健康反應沒有差異。3.生理由饋的肌電位反應可有效預測當時壓力達18% ;幸福感與氣質的心理反應可有效預測平時壓力達39% 。
The purpose of this study was to explore biofeedback responses and mental health of university students under different pressure situations, and the relationships among mental health, biofeedback responses, and pressures. 1410 NTNU freshmen completed a mental health assessment measure; 60 students who scored lower than 80 points on the mental health measure were selected and randomly assigned into two groups for biofeedback response experiment. Results indicate that: I. The mental health scale (five scale scores and total score) for university student is a stable and valid measure for analyzing student's self-accept, interpersonal relationship, family harmony, emotional balance, and optimism; 2. There is a significant difference in biofeedback responses between experimental and control groups under different pressure situations, but there is no difference in mental health scores between experimental and control groups. 3. There is a significant correlation between student, EMG and test pressure, and student, EMG's prediction of test pressure reached 18%. There is a significant correlation between well-being and general pressure, with well-being's prediction of general pressure exceeded 39%.
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