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Title: 兒時目睹家暴之受暴婦女在諮商中所知覺重要事件之研究
Other Titles: An Analysis of Significant Events in Counseling with a Battered Woman Who Witnessed Domestic Violence during Childhood
Authors: 戴谷霖
Ku-Lin Tai, Ching-Fu Chen, Su-Yun Huang
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討某社區諮商中心一位兒時目睹家暴之受暴婦女,接受八次諮商過程中所關注的主要議題及內容,其所知覺及認定的重要事件及其內涵。本研究採諮商歷程的研究方式,於當事人每次接受諮商後,立即以IPR人際歷程回憶進行重要事件的訪談,整理成諮商與訪談逐字稿,透過與協同分析者及專家共同歸類分析與討論,進行資料分析與整理,研究主要發現:(一)當事人於八次諮商過程中關注的主要議題及內容共有:當事人眼中的案夫、與案夫及夫家人的溝通與互動、家庭經濟分擔、家事分擔、親子關係與教養、對目前處境及關係的抉擇、夫妻關係、自我揭露與探索、兒時目睹家暴的影響、自我照顧,以及婚姻暴力的重新理解與因應方式;(二)當事人所認定的正、負重要事件可分為十類。本研究針對研究發現進行討論,並對未來研究及諮商實務提出具體建議。
The purpose of the study was to investigate the concerning issues and perception of significant events in the counseling process of a battered woman who witnessed domestic violence in childhood. This study used the counseling process research design. The counselor-client dyad had eight counseling sessions. After each session, the client was interviewed through Interpersonal Process Recall. The records of counseling and interview were all transformed into transcripts for data analysis. The major findings were as follows: (1) The concerning issues in the whole course of counseling were the client’s perception of her husband, the communication and interaction with her husband and his family, shared finances, division of housework duties, parenting, decisions about relationships and circumstances, marital relationship, self-disclosure and exploration, the influence of witnessing domestic violence in childhood, self-care, and the reframing and coping of marital violence. (2) There were ten categories of positive and negative significant events perceived by the client. Suggestions are offered for counselors working with battered women, counseling practice, and future research.
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