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Title: 孕產婦之母嬰連結經驗探討
Other Titles: A Study on the Experiences of Mother-Infant Bonding
Authors: 謝珮玲
Pey-Ling Shieh
Tsung-Ho Ying
Yuan-Yun Hsueh
Hsiao-Chun Chang
Fang-Chi Hsu
Shin-Yo Lin
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 「母嬰連結」是母親對寶寶的情緒、認知,以及願意為實實付出的意圖,國內目前對孕產婦母嬰連結經驗的系統性探索尚屬有限,本研究的目的乃在探索孕產婦母嬰連結經驗的內涵。藉由質性典範之發現取向研究法,以支持性的半結構式會談進行資料收集,並對會談紀錄進行內容分析。研究對象包括住院中的產婦與安胎孕婦共77 名,其中叉以產婦68 名為主。結果發現孕產婦的母嬰連結包括有「照顧的承諾」、「對寶寶與親職的想望」、「珍惜憐愛與察覺個體性」、「身心負荷與在焦慮中摸索」等四個主題。研究結果除了具有文獻所描繪的母嬰連結內涵外,還指出母親在照顧嬰兒、被嬰兒所「喚起」時的身心狀態。此外,孕產婦對寶寶的母嬰連結中,同時包括著正向與非正向經驗。由研究結果,研究者指出未來研究可繼續探討母嬰連結感的發展、相關因素與影響,並編製適合國人之母嬰連結評估工具,在實務上則應對母親之身心負荷感加以關注與支持。
The phenomenon of "mother-infant bonding" is defined as "the mothers' emotion and cognition toward their babies, as wellas their commitment for babies' wellbeing". The exploration of "mother-infant bonding" is limited in Taiwan. The study aimson initial understanding of its nature. Based on the qualitative paradigm and discovery-oriented approach, the authors coliectdata by a scheme of semi-structured supportive interview. Content analysis was applied in the data analysis. Seventy-sevenwomen who stay at one obstetric unit for childbirth or tocolysis participated in our study, in which in which the majority ofparticipant consisted of women who gave birth to children (N = 68). Four domains of mother-infant bonding, including"commitment",“representation ofthe child and motherhood", "cherish and the awareness of individuality" and " burden, andexplore with anxiety" were revealed. Not only the similar nature of mother-infant bonding was found in Taiwan mothers, wealso delineate their psychological and physical status in thinking of or caring of their babies. Both of sweetness and bitternesswere found in mothers' experiences. We suggest further explorations of the development, relevant factors and influences formother-infant bonding are needed. A valid mother-infant bonding scale would be helpful in the assessment. The practitionersshould pay more attention and caring in mothers' physical and psychological distress.
Other Identifiers: 7D76F497-3EC9-9199-17CE-D24EAD8B9844
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