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Title: 英漢雙語學童聲韻覺識及構詞覺識與英漢認字能力之相關研究
Other Titles: Predictors of Chinese-English Biliteracy: Phonological and Morphological Awareness in Two Languages
Authors: 張苾含
Pi-Han Chang
Chieh-Fang Hu
Fred Jyun-Gwang Chen
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究探討雙語一年級及五年級學童聲韻覺識、構詞覺識與英、漢語認字的相關性,以及上述兩種覺識能否跨語言預測文字認讀。英、漢聲韻覺識測驗皆採用聲母刪音測驗。英語構詞覺識採複合詞測驗及派生詞測驗;漢語構詞覺識採同音詞素測驗及複合詞測驗。結果顯示,以語言內的預測力而言,聲韻覺識與漢字認讀相關,但在控制了構詞覺識後,其相關性變得不顯著。相反的,漢語構詞覺識在控制了漢語聲韻覺識後,仍能有效預測漢字認讀。在英文認字方面,其結果與漢字認讀相似。英語構詞覺識比英語聲韻覺識有更好的預測力。以跨語言的預測力而言,英語派生詞覺識可以跨語言預測漢字認讀,而此預測力獨立於漢語聲韻覺識與構詞覺識之上,所以英漢覺識的綜合指標比單一漢語覺識能更有效的預測漢字認讀。
The present study investigated the contributions of phonological and morphological awareness to predicting word reading within and across languages Participants were 61 first-grade and fifth-grade Chinese-English bilinguals, who had lived and studied in English-speaking areas for at least 3 years before they studied in Taiwan. Phonological awareness was measured by deletion tests in both Chinese and English. Morphological awareness of English was measured by compound construction and derivational morphology; morphological awareness of Chinese was measured by homophone sensitivity and compound construction. The results showed that among predictors of each language, Chinese phonological awareness was associated with Chinese character reading, but its significance disappeared after controlling for morphological awareness of Chinese. However, morphological awareness of Chinese made a significant unique contribution to Chinese character reading after taking phonological awareness of Chinese into account. Similar patterns of results were obtained in predicting English word reading, where morphological awareness of English, rather than phonological awareness, was the unique predictor of English word reading. Across languages, awareness of English derivational morphology predicted unique variance in Chinese character reading over and above phonological and morphological awareness of Chinese. These results suggested additionally involving awareness of English derivational morphology can better predict Chinese character reading than involving Chinese measures alone.
Other Identifiers: 73944DED-74BE-416F-350F-D8243470ACC8
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