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Title: 目標結構知覺對成就目標取向、學業表現、及學習策略的預測力:期刊文獻的後設分析研究
Other Titles: The Predictive effects of goal structure perception on achievement goal orientation, academic performance, and learning strategy: A meta-analysis of journal articles
Authors: 許崇憲
Chong-Shiann Hsu
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採用後設分析,檢驗目標結構知覺對成就目標取向及學業表現的預測力。本文搜集中英文期刊論文,成就目標取向部分有30 篇研究,提供219 個效果量;學業成就部分有13 篇研究,提供33 個效果量;學習策略部份有8 篇研究,提供21 個效果量。採用隨機效果模式計算平均效果量並進行顯著性考驗。結果顯示成就目標理論的各項預測大部份獲得支持,精熟目標結構知覺正向預測學生的趨向精熟目標取向及趨向表現取向,表現目標結構知覺正向預測趨向表現及逃避表現取向。精熟目標結構知覺正向預測學業表現,表現目標結構無顯著預測力。精熟及表現目標結構知覺皆能正向預測認知策略及後設認知策略,但精熟目標結構知覺對後設認知策略的預測力顯著大於表現目標結構知覺。目標結構知覺對個體目標取向的預測力,部分因為取向量表、參與者教育階段、及文化而有所差異。表現目標結構知覺對學業表現的負向預測僅出現於個人主義文化參與者。最後討論本文意義及未來研究方向。
This study examined the predictive effect of goal structure perception on achievement goal orientation, academic performance, and learning strategies using meta-analysis. Computerized database searches in Chinese and English journals were performed. There were 30 studies on achievement goal orientation with 219 effect sizes, 13 studies on academic achievement with 33 effect sizes, and 8 studies on learning strategy use with 21 effect sizes. The random effect model was used to calculate and examine the mean effect sizes. It was found that the perception of mastery goal structure positively predicted approach goal orientation and that the perception of performance goal structure positively predicted performance goal orientation. Mastery goal structure perception predicted academic performance positively. Perceptions of mastery and performance goal structure both positively predicted cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies. The prediction of goal structure perception on achievement goal orientation was partly moderated by orientation scale, educational level, and culture. Performance goal structure perception negatively predicted academic performance in individualistic participants. Implications and further research were discussed.
Other Identifiers: 601CB942-F8A1-B041-1FCE-5B9A726550DA
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