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Title: 融入基督信仰的靈性諮商課程暨成果評估
Other Titles: Teaching a Course on Integrating Spirituality into Counseling
Authors: 陳秉華
Ping-Hwa Chen
Lin-Lin Cheng
Lan-Hsin Fan
Ya-Ting luang
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 此研究之目的為對基督徒諮商員設計一個融入靈性於諮商的課程,並暸解參與成員對此課程的反應。共有27名基督徒諮商員參與本課程,其中男性3人,女性24人。本研究所建構的課程目標包括:增加諮商員對靈性自我發展的覺察、增加諮商員對於靈性議題的知能、及增加諮商員在諮商中與案主探討靈性議題及介入處理的知能。根據課程目標共分為11個主題、39小時進行。成員反應的資料來源包括每次課程及全部課程結束後的回饋單,以及三階段共12個焦點團體的訪談。研究結果顯示成員在回饋單上對各主題的評定都是正向的。焦點團體的結果也發現成員有多樣性的收穫,包括開放對話、獲得新刺激與開眼界、經驗相互印證、問題帶出思考與澄清,形成共識、更加整合,將靈異融入實務工作。成員提出對於課程的建議,包括增加討論時間、增加具體的操作與技巧方法、案例討論與演練等。文末提出建議作為未來相似課程設計與研究的參考。
The purpose of this study was to introduce a course integrating spirituality into counseling for Christian counselors and to explore their feedback of the course. A total of 27 Christian counselors, 3 males and 24 females, participated in the study. The course included three goals which were to enhance the awareness of spiritual development, to increase the knowledge of spiritual issues, and to enhance the intervention skills of integrating spiritual issues into counseling. In order to reach the goals, II themes were included in the 39-hour course. To explore the reactions of the participants toward the course, feedback sheets were designed and distributed at the end of each session. Twelve focused groups were also conducted at three different time points. Positive reactions were indicated from the feedback sheets and focused groups. Participants were benefited from having open dialogues, exchanging diverse perspectives, validating each other' s point of view, generating and clari1)ring new thoughts, obtaining consensus, and integrating spirituality into counseling. Suggestions were made by participants to include more discussions, concrete implementation and skill training, case discussions, and roleplays. Recommendations for future course design and research were also proposed.
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