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Title: 從後設溝通及框架理論的觀點探討想像遊戲與同儕衝突之互動關係
Other Titles: An Investigation of Interactions between Pretend Play and Peer Conflict from the Perspective of Metacommunication and Frame Theory
Authors: 盧雯月
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究從後設溝通及框架觀點(Bateson, 1972; Goffman, 1974)探索想像遊戲和同儕衝突的互動關係,分析幼兒想像時如何因應同儕衝突和維繫幻象。以八位幼兒為觀察焦點,研究發現影響想像維繫的因素有想像遊戲本質、想像遊戲發展歷程、想像認知程度、異見交換次數、言談能力、同儕互動焦點。幼兒衝突多發生於社會-戲劇性想像,且以想像階段最多。同儕衝突多迫使幼兒放棄想像。共同想像者或對想像內容瞭解的平行遊戲者,較能維持在想像中討論歧見。反對意見的交換持續越久,想像遊戲就越不易維繫。幼兒運用多種言談技巧如「假裝」、「對」、「然後」、「也」,喚起想像共識,整合歧見,轉化表徵,和監督彼此心智狀況。衝突和想像的交會引發幼兒以不同口吻和身份進行後設溝通,促使她們在現實、想像、假扮、衝突腳本等層層鑲嵌的框架間游走協商。本研究結果有助於學前教師瞭解想像遊戲中同儕衝突的特性,正視衝突在遊戲發展上的意義。
This qualitative study explored eight 4-year-old children's peer conflict during pretense. Based on Bateson's (1972) idea of metacommunication and Goffman's (1974) frame theory, the researcher found that whether to be in-frame or out-of-frame to negotiate conflict was closely related to the following features: nature of pretense, pretend phase, number of oppositional turns, discourse skill, goal of peer interaction. Most conflicts occurred in socio-dramatic pretense and during dramatization phase. They often caused children to step out of pretend frame. Those who shared understanding about pretense, including collaborative and parallel players, could metacommunicate longer in-frame. The more oppositional turns were exchanged, the less engrossed children were in pretense. Children applied a variety of discourse devices, such as "pretend", "right", and "too" to evoke comradeship, integrate different opinions, transform symbolic ideas, mutually aware while monitoring each other's mind. The findings inspire preschool teachers to recognize the characteristics of peer conflict in children's pretense, as well as appreciate its significance in the development of pretend play and metacommunicative abilities.
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