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Title: 以認知神經科學取向探討兒童注意力的發展和學習之關聯
Other Titles: The relationship between development of attention and learning in childrenAcognitive neuroscience approach
Authors: 林宜親
Yi-Chin Lin
Kuan-Hui Li
Wen-Shin Sung
Hwa-Wei Ko
Ovid JLTzeng
Daisy LHung
Chi-Hung Juan
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 過去十年以來,在發展心理學與認知神經科學的領域,兒童的注意力及執行功能發展的研究已成為重要議題,從許多腦造影及認知神經科學之研究,提供了此領域新的發現及觀點,這些新的發現也促進了教育心理學與認知神經科學之整合。因此教師、教育心理學家、以及認知神經科學家之間的互動及溝通,對於推動此整合性的新興領域之發展及其可能之應用是絕對必要的。台灣在這一方面的研究尚未完備,在本回顧性的論文當中,將介紹現今對於兒童注意力研究之進展,以及未來之發展趨勢。期望有助於增進台灣不同領域研究者之間的交流並激發出新的研究想法。
The development of attention and executive function in children has been an important research topic in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience in the last decade. Many studies have provided new findings and insights on this topic by using neuroimaging and other cognitive neuroscientific techniques. These new developments have also facilitated integrated research between educational psychology and cognitive neuroscience. As such, the interaction and communication among teachers, educational psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists are crucial to promoting future research and possible applications in this emerging multidisciplinary field. In this article, we reviewed recent progresses and future trends in attention research in children. Finally, we hope to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion and inspire new research ideas that connect attention and learning.
Other Identifiers: 25A501C8-CF3A-0FE1-99AD-43CE745DD825
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