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Title: 不同數學學習氣質學生情意和成長特徵之探討
Authors: 陳靜姿
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 鑑於學習氣質(disposition)在終身學習社會的重要性,以及領域特定學習理念對教育介入的著力優勢,本研究的目的在探討不同數學學習氣質類型學生的情意和數學能力進展差異,希望能提供數學教育研究與實務之參考。研究中以國小五年級213 位學生為研究對象,他們的數學學習氣質類型包含敏覺、投入、考試以及逃避等四型。文中擇取不同氣質的典型個案,對照呈現學生自陳的數學學習情意感受,進一步描繪氣質分型的意涵。研究結果顯示敏覺型學生勇於挑戰、享受樂趣且積極進取;投入型學生堅持目標、容忍挫折且沉穩踏實;考試型學生比較害怕失敗、挑戰意願薄弱、自我防衛較強;逃避型學生學習被動、缺乏自信、自我表徵較為負向。而不同數學學習氣質類型學生數學成長呈現顯著的差異,投入型學生成長斜率顯著優於考試型學生的發現尤其值得重視。整體而言,兼顧數學認知和情意的氣質評量,利於統整呈現學生豐富的學習全貌,深具後續教育研究探討的潛力。
The purpose of this study was to investigate characteristics of affect and growth of students with different mathematics learning dispositions. The sampled 213 fifth graders were categorized into four disposition types based upon their profiles involving school grades, affective self rating, mathematics computer game, and standardized mathematics tests. Four distinct disposition types were derived from the empirical data: intelligent, engaged, test-oriented, and avoidant. The researchfindings show that the mathematics intelligent students were motivated and willing to take challenges. They enjoyed the learning process. The mathematics engaged students were motivated, persistent and resilient to setbacks. The test-oriented students tended to be afraid of failures and have strong self-defensive mechanisms. The mathematics avoidant are passive learners with low self-esteem. There are significant differences in the mathematic growth among students with different disposition types, and the growth slopes of engaged type is noticeably higher than test-oriented type. The study on mathematics learning disposition has implications for future research on mathematics learning and growth.
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