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Title: 《教育心理學報》四十年(1967-2007)之內容分析
Other Titles: A 40-year Content Analysis of Research in the Bulletin of Educational Psychology(1967-2007)
Authors: 葉寶玲
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究針對教育心理學報四十年(1967-2007)的文章與研究進行內容分析。本研究共搜集454篇文章與研究,包含論述性文章14篇、原創性研究440篇。其中,有33篇為英文撰寫。資料乃從紙本期刊、網路上全文附檔取得後,依據年度篇數、研究對象、研究主題、作者、研究方法加以彙整與分析。本研究將所蒐集到的文章與研究,編碼為9個類別,分別為:諮商與輔導、教師行為與教學、心理發展與適應、學習議題、測驗與統計、家庭議題、特殊教育、性別議題及其他。研究結果發現如下:(1)早期以教學、教育、測驗、統計為主要研究主題,創刊20年後逐漸增加諮商、輔導等主題研究,創刊30年後不再出現特殊教育相關主題的研究。(2)從期刊內容與型態、版面編排與格式、撰寫方式與送審、著作權與稿酬方式發現,編輯方針與策略上40年期間基本上是一致的。(3)近15年來本學報僅刊登原創性研究,不再出現論述性文章。(4)出版篇數逐年大幅成長,唯有1988-1997期間驟減。(5)以綜合國小、國中學生為對象之研究占最多。(6)近年來作者來源呈現多元現象,不再限於少數幾位作者。(7)量化研究仍為最大宗,然而質性研究與混合研究於近20年開始增加。本研究根據研究結果進行討論,並提出未來研究上的建議。
The present study examines and analyzes the articles and studies in the Bulletin of Educational Psychology (BEP) during the forty-year period 1967- 2007. The 454 published studies included 14 descriptive articles and 440 original studies, which include 33 articles in English. The data, after obtained from BEP's paper journals or digitalized files on the Internet, were compiled and analyzed according to sample numbers, research subjects, research topics, authors, and research methods. The collected articles and studies were classified into nine categories: Counseling and Guidance, Teacher Behaviors and Teaching, Psychological Development and Adjustment, Learning Issues, Testing and Statistics, Family Issues, Special Education, Gender Issues, and Other. The findings of this study are as follows: (1) The early research topics were related to teaching, education, testing, and statistics. However, after twenty years of publication, the areas of counseling and guidance were added, and after thirty years of publication, special education related research has disappeared. (2) According to the journal's contents and patterns, layouts and formats, writing styles, and methods of reviewing, copyright, and the mode of payment, it was found that the editorial team has remained consistent throughout the forty-year span of publication in terms of editorial directions and strategies. (3)Over the last fifteen years, the bulletin has only published original studies, foregoing publication of descriptive articles. (4)There was a gradual increase of the number of articles from 1967 to 2007, with the exception of a significant decline between 1988 and1997. (5)The most frequently sampled populations are junior high school students and elementary school students. (6)The authors in the BEP have tended to be more diversified over time. (7)The vast majority studies were quantitative empirical investigations, but qualitative and mixed-methods designs have increased over the past twenty years.
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