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Title: 科學魔術之發展與推廣
Other Titles: The Development and Dissemination of Science Magic
Authors: 許良榮
Liang-Rong Hsu, Chia-Mei Wang and Wei-Ling Hsu
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 本研究目的在發展及推廣「科學魔術」。首先由書籍或網路資源搜尋有關科學遊戲的素材,篩選適合發展為科學魔術的素材,研究小組再以「腦力激盪」規劃撰寫,並經由專家學者檢核,共完成四十八項的科學魔術。而推廣活動方面,成果包括:(1)辦理展出活動:在國立自然科學博物館展出四週,參觀人數超過二萬人次;(2)網路:將科學魔術設計成果,建置於「科學遊戲實驗室」網頁;(3)學校:至六所國小辦理「科學魔術秀」之教學;(4)書籍:完成專書的出版。由問卷分析結果顯示學童與民眾除了喜愛本研究發展的科學魔術,也認為增加了對於科學原理的了解。關鍵詞:科學魔術、發展與推廣
The purpose of this study was to develop and disseminate science magic. First, teaching materials on science games was obtained from books and Internet resources. Next, the games that were suitable for developing into science magic were selected. We then employed the brainstorming technique to plan and develop the teaching materials of science magic. Following examination by experts, 48 items of science magic were completed. The dissemination conducted in this study includes the following activities: (1) Exhibition: A display was exhibited in the National Museum of Natural Science for 4 weeks, and the visitor count was over 20,000 people. (2) Internet: The design results of science magic were published on the web page titled Science Game Laboratory. (3) Schools: We visited 6 schools and conducted science magic show to promote science teaching. (4) Books: An extensive professional book was published. The results of questionnaire analysis indicate that, besides enjoying it, schoolchildren and people felt that the science magic developed in this study increased their understanding of scientific principles.
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