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Title: STS模式之環境教育教學法
Other Titles: STS Model of Environmental Education Teaching
Authors: 林明瑞
Issue Date: Nov-1997
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 人們周遭的環境問題是極為錯綜複雜,傳統的科學教育訓練模式似乎不足以教導學生應付其生活周遭,乃至全球性的環保問題。目前STS的教學法已大致發展成既定的科學教學模式,和環境教育的目標及目的有頗多相同及相通之處。因此我們可以考慮將STS教學模式應用於環境教育的教學上,讓學生選擇其認為重要的環境議題,透過科學及技學的態度與方法,要能覺知問題起因及其重要性,再經由客觀分析及公開研討等方式,尋求適當的解決策略與方法;並在培養學生面對環境議題時,能以負責的態度,採取適當的行動,以解決問題。本文中並就如何以STS教學模式進行環境教育教學提出詳盡說明,供各位參考,並期盼教師能就筆者建議模式,按學生程度、學校課程安排……等因素,作適當的取捨與調整。
Due to environmental problems surrounding us being much more complicated, traditional scientific education training model cannot be used to handle these problems surrounding us and of the world properly. STS (science-technology-society) teaching method has been developed a formal scientific teaching model for the present; it is similar to environmental education and they have compatible goals and purposes with each other. Therefore, we can apply STS teaching model to environmental education teaching: First, students can select environmental issues what is being considered important. Next, through application of attitude and methods of science and technology, they are aware of the causes and the importance of these issues. And through objective analyzing and open discussion, proper problem-solving strategy and method can be found out. Finally, students are expected to show out responsible manner and take proper action to solve the problems as they face the environmental issues. This paper shows us detail explanation of STS teaching model. Depending on students' recognition and schools course's arrangement, etc., teachers can follow the author's suggestion through proper selection and regulation.
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