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Title: 以資訊視覺化導向看虛擬物件在電視媒體運用之研究
The Application of Virtual Objects in TV with Information Visualization Orientation
Authors: 趙寧
Keywords: 資訊視覺化
Information Visualization
Virtual objects
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract:   隨著科技的日新月異,電視製作技術也隨之汰換更新,虛擬物件之製作能力及品質亦隨著技術進步而增強。相較於其他大眾媒體,電視媒體對大眾之影響較其他媒體更為深切,而不論是平面或電子媒體,其發展似乎都朝向視覺化導向走去,在現代社會的虛擬化潮流裡,本研究主要以質化研究之深度訪談法,以及量化研究之內容分析法,針對台灣電視媒體中,虛擬物件的現況做一探討,更進一步地,以資訊視覺化導向來分析虛擬物件之運用情況。   透過沉度訪談法及內容分析法,瞭解到目前台灣電視媒體常運用到的虛擬物件有:跑馬、字卡、CG動畫及虛擬場景,各個虛擬物件之運用時機有不同之處。而共同之功能為吸引閱聽人注意、輔助傳達資訊、增加美觀與影響節目風格。虛擬物件之產生,按節目製作流程可分為兩種:前製時期完成、後製時期完成。最後,研究發現其實所有虛擬物件皆具有將資訊視覺化之能力,而非僅僅是裝飾美化之用。
With the rapid advance of modern technology, the ability and quality of television program production also increase at the same time. In contrast with other mass media, the television has a greater and deeper effect on people. No matter the print media or the electric media, the development of all media seems to tend to visualization under the influence of the visualization. The research adopted in-depth interviews and content analysis as method of research to explore the current situation of virtual objects in television and the application of virtual objects with information visualization orientation. Through the methods of in-depth interviews and content analysis, there are some virtual objects used constantly, like horse race, word card, CG animation and virtual set. Each one of those television virtual objects are used in different time. The same capability of those television virtual objects are :(1).to attract people’s attention;(2).to communicate information assistantly;(3).to make television more artistic and effect television program style. The production of television virtual objects can be divided into two kinds, completed in pre-production or in post-production. Finally, we can find that all of the television virtual objects actually have the ability of information visualization, no only for decoration.
Other Identifiers: N2005000187
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