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Title: IT 產業採用電子化學習關鍵成功因素分析
The Analysis of Key Success Factors for e-Learning on IT Industry
Authors: 劉幼琍
Keywords: 資訊科技產業
IT industry
Key Success Factors
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 由於網際網路的迅速興起與普及,加上多媒體技術的發展,使得e-Learning 成為重要的一種教學方式,藉由科技化的知識管理技術而達到知識傳授的目的, 讓處於不同空間與時間的學習者,可以克服知識傳遞的障礙而達到學習的效果, 進而獲得知識的累積與創新思考的啟發。此外,「挑戰2008-國家發展重點計劃」 與「兩兆雙星」顯示出IT產業為國家的重點產業,企業若能妥善運用e-Learning 的方式達到其教育訓練,不但可以節省龐大的成本,又可以節省時間,故本研究 探討國內IT產業採用e-Learning的現況,並尋找出e-Learning關鍵成功因素,同時 針對國內五家大型IT產業進行深度訪談,並配合文獻分析之研究方式,以歸納IT 據本研究發現,目前IT產業導入仍在起步階段,其成效並不如研究者預期, 在訪談五家大型企業後,將結論歸納如下: 1.企業組織文化:老闆的支持與要求、高階主管的配合 2.成本資源:盡可能尋求外部資金協助,並且善用公司內部資源 3.策略規劃:規劃出標準化課程內容以及克服技術方面的問題 4.人員配置:注重各部門溝通協調的方法與技巧,與新進人才把關與同仁觀 5.成效評估:有效掌握員工短期學習進度,並擁有有效的賞罰方式,來督促員工 e-Learning在未來企業員工訓練上將扮演重要角色是必然趨勢,本研究結果 不但有助於未導入e-Learning之IT產業,藉由訪談五家公司在執行e-Learning所面 臨的困難作為借鏡外,同時也可採其優點作為導入e-Learning策略規劃時的參 考,並且對後續研究者對e-Learning的產業執行面上有完整的認識。
Nowadays, due to the rapid rise and popularity of web, and the development of multi-media, e-Learning has become the important education. It is the platform used for knowledge dissemination purposes. It is established by information technology and allows students access from anywhere in the world. Thus, students can easily achieve their goals of learning and increase their knowledge as well as enlighten their Besides, it displayed the weight-bearing point of IT industry by “Challenge 2008:the 6-Year National Development Plan ” and “The Two Trillion, Twin Stars Plan” in Taiwan. Business can use e-Learning properly to achieve their training requirements, they not only save a lot of money, but also save time. So this research makes learning more efficient. And then, this paper concluded the key success factors of e-Learning on the IT industry by aiming to interview five IT industry leaders and match up the analysis of their literature reviews. Finally, the research concluded and suggested that they give reference to both education and business. According to their findings, IT Industries are taking their first steps toward e-Learning, which results in unexpected effect of the researcher. After interviewing five industries, the conclusions of the study are summarized as 1.Business Corporate culture: the support of the boss and cooperation of the 2.Cost and Resources: find external capital funds and use internal resources of 3.Strategy Planning: arrange the standard of courses and overcome technical 4.Human Resource Arrangement: focus on the skills of communication in the different departments and correct the opinions of cooperators in e-Learning. 5. Performance Estimate: handle the short-term courses effectively and establish e-Learning is nessesary and plays an important role in the future of any company. These findings provide experiences and advantages to other IT industries. To the end, the conclusions of the study should be used as references to the IT industry and to other researchers interested in the topic.
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