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Title: 國中學生認知專注對擴增實境學習系統接受度之影響
Effects of cognitive absorption in junior high school students’ acceptance of an augmented reality based system
Authors: 王燕超
Wang, Yen-Chao
Wu, Mei-Hui
Keywords: 擴增實境
Augmented reality (AR)
Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Cognitive absorption (CA)
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 擴增實境提供一種新的使用者經驗,使用者可以透過標誌(marker)與虛擬物件進行即時的互動,相當適合享樂情境式的學習環境,而且可以提高學生參與學習過程的興趣。因此,本研究目的是探討國中生在擴增實境學習系統中,認知專注對於知覺有用性、知覺愉悅性、使用意願的影響,以了解影響國中學生對於擴增實境學習系統接受度的重要因素。 本研究以國中生作為研究對象,使用問卷調查法進行收集實徵性資料,以路徑分析驗證研究假說。研究結果顯示在擴增實境學習系統中,認知專注是正向影響使用意願的重要前因,而且知覺愉悅性與知覺有用性亦能顯著預測使用意願。因此,本研究建議在擴增實境學習系統建置方面必須兼具有用性和愉悅性,教材內容設計則可朝向結合電腦課程與生活科技領域的主題式學習活動,方能增進系統未來的使用意願。
Augmented reality (AR) technologies are a new kind of user experience; user can interact with 3D virtual objects in time through a marker-based system in real time. In the context of education, augmented reality which is able to increase students' interest and engagement in the learning process is aligned with hedonic situated learning environment. As a result, the purpose of this study is one of the few attempts to investigate the effect of cognitive absorption on perceived usefulness, perceived enjoyment and intention to use, and examine the important factors of junior high school students’ acceptance on augmented reality based system. To verify the relationship between various variables, a survey method is used for this research. By collecting empirical data, the study utilized the path analysis approach to analyze the data and examine the effect of each variable. The result of this study is as follows: cognitive absorption significantly affects behavioural intention through perceived usefulness and perceived enjoyment of the augmented reality based system; perceived enjoyment is a stronger indicator of behavioral intention to use than perceived usefulness. Hence, the conclusion suggested that the augmented reality based system should focus on both perceived usefulness and perceived enjoyment to increase intention to use in the future.
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