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Title: 城市與媒體--解讀《慾望城市》中的城市意象
City and Media-- Interpretation of 《Sex and the City》in the image of the city
Authors: 林素惠
Keywords: 城市意象
The image of city
City marketing
Soft power
Sex and the city
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 美國HBO電視影集《慾望城市》及其電影版,為跨21世紀極具代表性影視作品之一,曾獲致極高的收視率,「慾望城市」這詞也因此被視為是一個時代、一種獨特的文化現象,而台灣、香港、中國大陸、中東地區也相繼出現模仿《慾望城市》的作品。劇中的意識型態引起學者們的深度討論,而紐約在故事中的關鍵角色,更是影響了全球各觀眾及旅客對不同城市生活的印象。這種盛況背後所隱含的意義值得深思,有深入研究的必要性。   本研究以美國電視影集《慾望城市》及其電影版作為個案,先透過量化的內容分析法統計出城市意象元素的出現頻率及主題分佈情況;第二階段將以敘事分析執行,即針對故事內容,歸納出敘事形式、主題及結構,目的是從文本中的影像符號和語言文字,歸納出影視媒體對城市主題的操作手法及其深層意涵。   本研究發現,劇中將紐約和曼哈頓建構成「最理想的城市」,並給予其相當的肯定和讚揚。此種敘事手法包含了美國觀點的優勢及排他論述,目的把城市建構成一種「明信片式」的模樣,以符合旅客期待的觀光地形象,藉此帶動城市旅遊或租借拍攝場地等商機。   整體而言,近代美國影視媒體藉著不斷輸出美國化的生活方式和文化藝術觀點,宣告其柔性權力,促使閱聽眾信仰某種意識型態或精神力量。在「後911時代」中,美國媒介依然持續地在國內國外輸出「美國仍然屹立不搖」的訊息,這不但印證了流行文化與政治局勢之間的微妙關係,也是一種延續「英雄神話」的手段。本研究之結果,更可提供給台灣以及亞洲地區相關的影視產業,在處理城市意象主題時作為參考。
The HBO television series"Sex and the City" and its movie version, are the most representative works of film in the 21st century, have been caused by very high ratings too. "Sex and the City" is also seen as an era and a cultural phenomenon. Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China and the Middle East also have similar "Sex and the City" works. The drama caused by ideological in-depth discussion of the scholars, and the New York City in a key role in the story, but also affected the global audience and visitors to the impression of living in the cities. The meaning behind this kind of grand occasion should be an in-depth study. This study applied content analysis and text analysis to examine the frequency of image elements and the distribution of theme. According to the contents of the story, narrative analysis used to sum up the form of theme and structure, in order to generalize the visual media on the operation of the "city" matter and its in-depth implication. The present research has found that, New York and Manhattan are portrayed as "the ideal city" and given considerable recognition and commended in the story. This kind of narrative methods included U.S. Viewpoint on the preferred discourses and exclusive power. One of the purposes is to create "postcards effect", then portray the image of city in keeping with the tourists expected, attempt to bring other business opportunities in town. In sum, U.S. visual media continue to declare the American way of life and of values. The soft power of U.S. brings the audience to believe some ideology or spiritual power. In the―Post-911 Era‖, U.S. media continues to output the message "America is still the best one" in the domestic and overseas. This not only proved the delicate relationship between popular culture and the political situation ,is also a means of ―Hero's Mythos‖.
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