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Title: 部落格口碑對消費者購買決策影響之研究
A Study on the Influence of Consumer Purchase Decisions in Blog Word-of-Mouth
Authors: 楊美雪
Keywords: 部落格口碑
blog word-of-mouth
message appeals
message framing
purchase decisions
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 網路技術的發展與進步,改變了人們日常生活中的溝通習慣,也讓網路成為人際溝通與獲取資訊的主要來源。其中,口碑傳播的型態也從傳統的面對面方式轉移到部落格中進行,透過部落格平台進行的口碑傳遞不但能吸引瀏覽者的注意力,口碑可信度也顯著高於一般網路口碑,因此越來越多人透過部落格口碑傳遞與搜尋產品相關的訊息與使用經驗。 本研究透過兩種研究方法進行,首先以內容分析法來進行部落格口碑訊息陳述的資料蒐集與彙整,研究抽取550個部落格口碑作為研究樣本,藉以瞭解現今部落格口碑的陳述情況。接著透過網路問卷的方式針對部落格口碑的訊息接收者進行施測,總計回收512份有效問卷進行統計分析,瞭解部落格口碑的訊息訴求與訊息框架對消費者購買決策是否有正向關係存在。 研究結果發現:(1)「理性訴求」對「影視音樂」與「3C數位產品」類消費者購買決策有正向影響;「感性訴求」對「旅遊札記」與「美食記載」類消費者購買決策有正向影響;「理性」與「感性」訴求對「流行時尚」、「美容保健」、「寵物用品」與「圖書資訊」類消費者購買決策有正向影響;(2)「正面框架」對「影視音樂」與「美容保健」類消費者購買決策有正向影響;「負面框架」對「寵物用品」與「3C數位產品」類消費者的購買決策有正向影響;「正面」與「負面」框架對「旅遊札記」、「美食記載」、「流行時尚」與「圖書資訊」類消費者的購買決策有正向影響。 綜合研究結果可知,許多部落格口碑的傳播者尚未知曉該以何種方式來陳述口碑內容才能藉此影響到消費者的決策,因此本研究建議部落格口碑傳播者可針對部落格口碑類型來規劃陳述方式與構面,同時加強感性訴求與負面框架陳述方式的使用,讓部落格口碑訊息對消費者產生更多的影響力。
The development and progress of Internet technology has changed the ways of communication, and those ways have also become the main source of interpersonal communication and information. As a matter of fact, the spread of word-of-mouth has changed from face-to-face to blogosphere. More and more people use blog word-of-mouth to transmit and search the related information and their using experience of products. This study uses two methods to comprehend this issue, first of all, we use content analyze approach to realize the statement of message of blog word-of-mouth. Then, the study use online questionnaire investigation to discuss the influence of consumers’ purchase decision towards message appeals and message framing in blog word-of-mouth. This research has the following conclusions. First, we found that there has positive effect to use rational appeal to state the message about movies and digital products. Emotional appeal has more impact to tourism and food reports. In addition, both rational and emotional appeals have positive effect to the categories of fashion, cosmetic, pet supplies, and books. Second, positive framing has positive effect to the categories of movies, and cosmetic. Negative framing has positive effect to the categories of pet supplies and digital products. And the categories of tourism, food reports, fashion, and books have more positive effect in both positive and negative framing.
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