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Title: 社群購物網站互動功能期望與滿意度之研究
Research on User's Expectation and Gratification for Interactive Function of Social Shopping Website
Authors: 楊美雪
Lee, Yi Fang
Keywords: 社群購物網站
Social shopping website
interactive foundation
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 隨著電子商務的興盛,社群購物網站逐漸興盛,除了方便網友購買物品之外,亦是不少網友重要的溝通平台。網路商店競爭激烈,各家廠商為了增加消費者在網站的停留時間,增加各式各樣的推薦訊息和商品資訊來吸引消費者目光,針對消費者個人的偏好,並依據過去購物資料推薦適合消費者的商品,縮短消費者在網路上尋找商品的時間,在國外許多知名網路商店都有相當不錯的績效。 在台灣,以社群為主體的購物網站如春筍般興起,具Web2.0群體智慧的特色,其社群影響力也大為增加,而社群購物網站提供線上評鑑或評論等互動功能,消費者能主動交換產品意見和購物心得,也可以更快速、便利的尋找相關資訊。 本研究使用兩種研究方法,首先以內容分析法做網站內容資料的蒐集分析與彙整,透過立意抽樣挑選樣本,進一步瞭解社群購物網站發展現況;其次以問卷調查的施測,採用便利抽樣並針對網站會員進行調查,有效問卷有331份,藉此深入探討使用者對於社群購物網站互動功能之期望及滿意度。 從內容分析結果可得知網站在個人化功能和資訊提供兩部分較缺乏,仍需改進;另外從問卷結果瞭解使用者對整體介面設計與顧客支援期望程度較高,而在滿意度部分則以整體介面設計滿意度最高,在個人化功能及顧客支援方面仍有加強的空間。而從研究假設驗證中發現(1)不同性別、社群購物網站使用資歷、平均每週瀏覽社群購物網站時間者對網站「顧客支援功能」期望有顯著差異。(2)不同網路使用資歷對網站「個人化功能」期望有顯著差異。(3)不同平均月收入、社群購物使用資歷、平均每週瀏覽網站時間者對網站「整體介面設計」滿意度有顯著差異。(4)不同平均每週瀏覽網站時間者對網站「個人化功能」滿意度有顯著差異。(5)不同年齡、平均月收入、平均每週瀏覽網站時間者對網站「資訊提供」的滿意度有顯著差異。(6)不同年齡、平均月收入、網路使用資歷者對網站「顧客支援功能」的滿意度有顯著差異。(7)不同教育程度、平均月收入、平均每週瀏覽網站時間者對網站「交流回饋功能」的滿意度有顯著差異。 綜合上述結論與第四章研究討論結果,認為目前社群購物網站最缺乏的功能為網站討論區與留言板功能等多向式互動功能,且在本研究問卷調查結果當中,使用者對於網站提供討論區功能的期望也相當高,建議未來業者可多增加網站的多向式功能,讓網站不僅限於提供資訊,透過網站討論區與留言板的設置,讓網友與網友可以發表其意見,並與業者之間能夠有更多互動的空間,使業者在經營上更為完善,而使用者對於社群購物網站也更為滿意。
With the prosperity of e-commerce, social shopping websites become popular gradually. Besides, it not only helps the user to buy products, but also a lot of users’ important communicated channels. The network shop is fierce in competition. Every manufacturer in order to increase the consumer surf time in websites, increase the recommendation message and product information of all kinds foundations to attract consumer's sight. To consumer's personal partiality, according to their past shopping data, to recommended consumer suitable products and shorten the time they look for the products in the network. And there are good performances of famous shopping stores abroad. In Taiwan, the social shopping website take comminuty as a principal part, it has a feature of Web2.0 crowds’ wisdom, and community influences become raised. Social shopping website provide online evaluation and commented functions, let consumer voluntarily exchange products opinion and shopping impressions. Also could let the user searching relevant information faster and much convenience. Other research shows that interactivity would be influence user’s evaluation to the website. And the expectation is one of the satisfaction influence factors. If the website prvide the service more conform to the user’s expectation, the satisfaction will be higher. We could know the expectation and satisfaction affect each other. So, research tries to realize the social shopping website’s current developement in Taiwan, and discuss the user’s expectation and satisfaction for interactive function of social shopping website. The research use two research approaches, first of all, use content analyze approach to collect, analyze and gather information, by using purposive sample method to pick uo the research sample and aimed at the website’s members. Effective questionnaires are 331 copies. To understand the social shopping website present developed. Second, the research use questionnaire investigation, through convenient sampling to realize the user's expectation and satisfaction for interactive function of social shopping website. From the content analysis to know the social shopping website were lack personalized and customer support foundation, still have to improve. And users have higher expectancy of whole interface design and customer support foundation. Users have highest gratification of whole interface design. But in the personalized foundation and customer support still have space to improve. The study has the following conclusions: (1)User expectation of customer support foundation is significantly affected by user characteristics. (2)User expectation of personalized fundation is significantly affected by user characteristics. (3)User gratification of whole interface design is significantly affected by user characteristics. (4)User gratification of personalized fundation is significantly affected by how many hours for a use surfing social shopping website per week. (5)User gratification of information provides foundation is significantly affected by user characteristics. (6)User gratification of customer support foundation is significantly affected by user characteristics. (7)User gratification of communicated feedback foundation is significantly affected by user characteristics. To sum up the conclusion and the research discuss, the weakest is multidimensional interactive functions, such as discuss area and message board. And research also show users expectation of the discuss area is very high, so recommend the businessperson could increase more multidimensional interactive functions, not only provide information, let users could announce their opinions by using discuss area and message board and have more space to interact with the businessperson. It all let the businessperson operate much completed, and users would be satisfied.
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