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Title: 台灣網際網路卡拉OK網站功能呈現 與Web 2.0導入網站之研究
A Study of the Function of Taiwan Internet Karaoke Websites and Web 2.0 into the Internet Karaoke Websites
Authors: 王健華
Keywords: Web 2.0
Web 2.0
Internet Karaoke
User Generated Content
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 網際網路已經發展超過十年,網路環境的成熟與科技之進步,使得上網人數遽增,也造成現今網路已進入一個以使用者為中心的Web 2.0新世代。也由於Web 2.0的特性重視使用者層面,強調「群體的智慧」與「使用者經驗」,越來越多人把文章、照片、音樂和影片在網路上分享,豐富使用者創建內容(UGC,User Generated Content),許多創新的服務如雨後春筍般興起。研究顯示Web 2.0之網站,無論是流量及成長比例皆大幅上升,並且可以增加網站對使用者的黏性。因此本研究試圖瞭解目前網際網路卡拉OK網站的現況,以及探討國內Web 2.0對網際網路卡拉OK網站影響之情形。 本研究採用內容分析法與深度訪談法,首先使用內容分析法量化分析網站功能,歸納出台灣網際網路卡拉OK網站功能之異同。接著針對國內網際網路卡拉OK業者透過深度訪談,藉以瞭解Web 2.0概念對於網際網路卡拉OK網站之情形。 研究發現國內網際網路卡拉OK網站體現了Web 2.0概念,在網站中包含許多Web 2.0應用概念,但能夠在Web 2.0應用平台的部分加強,也由於網路現今之趨勢,造成Web 2.0概念的成熟。有別於傳統網站,Web 2.0概念不只影響網站經營也會影響網站對使用者之態度,國內網際網路卡拉OK網站重視使用者行為也善用使用者創建內容。綜合研究結果可知,國內網際網路卡拉OK網站應驗O'Reilly(2005)所提到Web 2.0應用的關鍵原則。
The Internet has been developing for over ten years, and with it, a continual growth in the number of users. The rapid increase of internet users can be attributed to improvements in computer technology as well as to the improved maturity of the internet; this has caused a change in the direction in which the internet develops, leading to a new era of a more personalized internet. This new era is known as Web 2.0, and is focused primarily on “User Experiences”. Research shows that there has been a rapid rise in both the number of Web 2.0 websites and the number of hits on these websites, as the internet develops into a more user-oriented network. There has been a marked increase in new innovative application services such as Wikipedia and Facebook. My research tries to acknowledge the present situation and development of internet karaoke websites in Taiwan, and Web 2.0 into internet karaoke by using two approaches, the first one is to use the analysis of the content to observe similarities and differences between Taiwan internet karaoke websites. The second one is an interview with the board of the company. The information obtained by these approaches will be used to analyze and construct a conclusion and suggestions for the improvement of Taiwan internet karaoke websites. This research has the fellowing conclusions. First, I found that Taiwan internet karaoke websites have many Web 2.0 applications, but need to strengthen in the platform of Web 2.0, also a tendency to personalize its use as a result of today’s network that creates the maturity of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 will eventually affect and change Taiwan internet karaoke websites’ behaviour towards users in order to meet their needs. The results show that Taiwan internet karaoke websites prove O' Reilly(2005) claims about the Web 2.0 essential principles.
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