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Title: 兩岸三地電視產業媒體資產管理系統的發展與應用之研究
A Study of the Development and Application of Media Asset Management (MAM) Systems in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan's Television Companies
Authors: 楊美雪
Keywords: 媒體資產管理系統
media asset management systems
on-line storage
near-line storage
Off-line Storage
Storage Area Network
data migration
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 電視產業擁有大量新聞內容和其他有價值的資訊,要解決這個龐大資產的管理問題,是媒體資產管理(Media Asset Management, MAM)或稱為數位資產管理(Digital Asset Management, DAM)的重要課題,這個系統和軟體主要的目標是為協助個人或機構儲存、組織、重複運用與管理數位資產,其價值在於可以節省時間與金錢(Poter, 2002)。 CNN新聞頻道採用IBM與SONY兩家公司整合型解決方案,建構其數位化資產管理,以有效管理所有龐大的影音資料。事實上,世界各國許多電視台、電影公司或影視製作公司,都面臨此項數位化管理的挑戰,無論是在文章、錄音檔案、影片或照片等檔案,未來經過數位化之後,即可加速上述資產使用,而且度大多數業者都在想辦法以數位內容,再開發新的營收來源(李彥甫,2002)。 為了解兩岸的三地之電視媒體採用媒體資產管理系統的原因、產生的效益、以及發展此系統所面臨的障礙。本研究採用深度訪談法與修正式德菲法,根據參考的相關文獻訂定訪談大綱,以深度訪談方式對兩岸三地的電視媒體經營決策的專家與實務節目製作及工程管理人員進行訪談;並使用修正式德菲法針對兩岸三地的媒體資產管理系統的系統整合專家與傳播科技的相關學者進行意見調查,彙整學者專家對採用媒體資產管理系統原因、產生效益、發展面臨的瓶頸、所需的資源與未來發展與應用趨勢面進行研析。
Television stations have a large number of news content and valuable information. Solving--or at least managing--this problem is the “bread and butter” of Media-asset management (MAM), also know as digital-asset management (DAM). These systems and software products are designed to help individuals and organizations to store, organize, repurpose, and manage their digital assets. Their value lies in their ability to save time and money (Poter, 2002). CNN has already adopted the solution of IBM and Sony Company, and constructed its media assets management systems to manage the huge volume of audio-visual materials. In fact, there are many TV stations, film or advertising companies facing this challenge. Most companies are trying to extract more benefits from the digital contents, whether they are articles, recording files, films or photos. For understanding the reasons of adoption, the benefits to workflow, and obstacles in developing systems of media asset management in cross-strait’s television stations, this researcher utilized in-depth interviews and the modified Delphi method. The researcher based findings on the collected references and conducted interviews to survey the administrators, program producers and engineers in cross-strait’s TV stations. The modified Delphi method--by means of surveying the opinions of the MAM’s experts and the scholars of communication technology--analyzed the adoption reasons, resulting benefits of workflow, obstacles, necessary resources, and trends of the application and development of media asset management systems.
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