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Title: 使用者對臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體資訊需求之研究
User's Information Needs on Taiwan Official Mobile Travel Applications
Authors: 楊美雪
Yang, Mei-Hsueh
Shin, Ming-Chun
Keywords: 行動裝置
mobile devices
travel information needs
mobile travel applications
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 隨著行動科技的普及,行動資訊服務逐漸受到旅客的重視,甚至逐漸取代傳統的 資訊來源。政府在促進觀光產業發展之際,也開始建置行動旅遊應用軟體,讓民 眾得以取得最新、最即時的旅遊資訊。隨著旅客旅遊經驗的增長,所需的資訊內 容也有差異,行動旅遊應用軟體除了要有成熟的行動科技之外,也要以使用者的 需求為中心考量,如此才能藉由行動旅遊應用軟體提升使用者的旅遊經驗。本研 究旨在探討使用者對臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體資訊服務之需求,以及兩者之間 的差異情形。首先以「內容分析法」觀察 15 個臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體所提 供的資訊服務內容,再透過「網路問卷調查法」調查 505 名曾使用過行動應用軟 體且居住在臺灣的使用者,藉以瞭解使用者對臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體資訊之 需求及差異情形。本研究結果發現,目前臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體資訊服務以 資訊內容為主,對於資訊功能各項目的提供仍不足。而使用者對於資訊功能與資 訊內容的各類別皆有中、高程度不等的需求。顯見,臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體 資訊服務的現況與使用者的需求之間,有很大的落差。因此,本研究建議,臺灣官方行動旅遊應用軟體應加強資訊功能各項目的服務,並強化資訊內容之即時性資訊的提供。
With the diffusion of mobile technology, mobile information service is attracting travellers' attention and in certain cases it has even been substituted for other traditional information sources. While the Taiwanese government is promoting its domestic travel and tourism industries, it is also establishing some mobile travel applications for users to acquire the latest and real-time travel information. Besides, when travellers' become more experienced, their information needs will also be different. Not only the sophisticated technology needed to be applied, but also the mobile travel applications should take user-centered contents into account. By that means, users could raise their own travel experience through mobile travel applications. The aim of this study is to understand users' information needs on Taiwanese official mobile travel applications (TOMTAs) as well as the difference between users' needs and the provided mobile information services of TOMTAs. To reach this goal, this study applies two approaches. First, in order to understand the current provision of TOMTAs' information services, content analysis is used to observe 15 sampled TOMTAs. Second, to understand users' needs with TOMTAs, an Internet questionnaire survey is applied to question 505 Taiwanese people who currently live in Taiwan and use download mobile applications. The study found that the provided information services of TOMTAs are still mainly based on the dimension of "information content", while the provisions of the dimension of "information functions" are still inadequate. Furthermore, users are at medium and high levels of requirements for these two dimensions. Apparently, there is still a wide gap between users' needs and the information provision of TOMTAs. To narrow the gap, we suggest that it is necessary for TOMTAs to enhance the provision of both: all included items of "information functions" and the real-time information of "information contents".
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