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Title: 使用者對網路商店之商品搜尋服務需求研究
A Study of User' Needs to Commodity Searching Service of Online Store
Authors: 楊美雪
Yang, Mei-Hsueh
Chen, Chiao-Ling
Keywords: 網路商店
Online store
User’ needs
Commodity information sort service
Commodity information display showing service
Commodity information guide showing service
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討使用者對網路商店之商品搜尋服務需求。首先以內容分析法觀察17間網路商店商品搜尋服務之內容與呈現方式,同時由網路問卷調查法,蒐集具有網路商店搜尋經驗的使用者對於網路商店商品搜尋服務之需求程度,總計回收367份有效問卷。再以敘述性統計、獨立樣本t檢定與單因子變異數分析等統計方法進行分析比對。 最後根據研究所得之結論,分別給予網路商店經營業者、網路商店平台設計者、網路商店商品搜尋服務使用者及後續研究者相關具體建議。茲將本研究重要發現分述如下: 一、網路商店以提供「商品資訊描述服務」、「商品資訊導覽呈現服務」為 主;對於「商品資訊排序服務」、「商品資訊展示呈現服務」之提供尚待加強。 二、使用者對「商品資訊描述服務」、「商品資訊分類呈現服務」需求度很高;對「商品資訊排序服務」、「商品資訊展示呈現服務」之需求相對較低。 三、比對商品搜尋服務與使用者需求之差異,以「商品資訊排序服務」、「商品資訊展示呈現服務」之差異程度最顯著。 四、不同年齡使用者對商品搜尋服務內容之需求達顯著差異;網路商店瀏覽資歷不同的使用者對商品搜尋服務內容及呈現方式之需求均達顯著差異。
The purpose of this study is to explore the user’s needs of the online store commodity searching service. First, through the content analysis method to understand the commodity searching service status of 17 online stores; then through the Internet questionnaires, a total of 367 valid questionnaires were recovered, to collect the opinion of the users which is experienced in the online store searching service and their needs degree of searching service. The collected data were analyzed by statistical methods, as Descriptive Statistics, the Independent-test and One-Way ANOVA. In the end, based on the conclusion, this study makes some concrete suggestions to the operators of online store, the designers of commodity search platform, the user who use the commodity search service and further study. The major findings are as follows: 1. The online stores provide mainly the "commodity information describes service", "commodity information guide showing service" ; but the "commodity information sort service", "commodity information display showing service" needs to be improved. 2. Users have a high degree of need on the "commodity information describes service", "commodity category shows service" ; but on the "commodity information sort service", "commodity information display showing service", the need is relatively low. 3. Comparing the differences between commodity search services and users' needs, "commodity information sort service" and "commodity information display showing service" have the most significant degree of difference. 4. Between the different agesusers, the need for commodity search service are significantly different; the users have different online store browsing qualifications have significant difference on the needs of the search for content and presentation of the service.
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