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dc.contributor.authorChai, Tun-Yuen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討台灣線上音樂網站使用網路社群服務之影響,首先以內容分析法觀察15家台灣線上音樂網站網路社群服務的內容,再透過深度訪談法,與線上音樂網站業者進行訪談,藉以探討使用網路社群服務之影響,並進一步探討不同類型線上音樂網站使用網路社群服務影響之差異。本研究重要發現如下: 一、線上音樂網站網路社群服務以提供「搜尋導覽服務」與「資訊提供服務」為主;對於「分享交流服務務」與「娛樂活動服務」之提供尚待加強。 二、線上音樂網站網路社群服務中,人機互動類以「線上串流」類型網站提供比例最高,「網路廣播」類型網站提供比例最低;人際互動類以「線上串流與音樂下載綜合」類型網站提供比例最高,「音樂下載」類型網站提供比例最低。 三、線上音樂網站使用網路社群服務,在會員量、會員停留時間與會員回訪次數多有正面的幫助。在產品推廣、產品銷售有明顯成長,但對於產品研發方面則影響不大。在行銷策略、行銷工具方面皆有不同方面的影響,在行銷效果方面則是擴散傳播時間拉長。 四、整體而言,各類型線上音樂網站業者認為使用網路社群服務,對會員、產品和行銷方面認為皆有正面影響,因此會越來越倚重網路社群服務。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe present study was designed to explore the virtual community services provided by various Taiwanese online music websites and to analyze the effects of virtual community services on the developments of music websites regarding member, products and marketing. First of all, the researcher used content analysis to analyze fifteen Taiwanese online music websites about their virtual community services. Second, the researcher interviewed managers of online music websites to understand the effects of virtual community services on the website developments. The findings of this study were as follows: 1.“Searching and guiding services” and “Products Information services” are the major virtual community services provided by online music websites; there is a lack of “information sharing services” and “entertaining services”. 2.“Streaming” music websites provide the most human-computer interactive services while the “Online Radio” websites provide the least. On the other hand, “Streaming /Downloading” websites provide the most member-interactive services while the pure “Music Downloading” websites provide the least member-interactive services. 3.Adopting virtual community services in online music websites not only helps to increase the member amount, website browsing time and re-visit frequency, but also helps to promote and sell music products. 4.Overall, the results of this study suggested that adopting virtual community services provide positive effects on the website development. It is expected that online music websites would rely on more virtual community services to engage their customers through multiple online channels.en_US
dc.subjectWebsite developmenten_US
dc.subjectVirtual Communityen_US
dc.subjectOnline Music Websiteen_US
dc.titleThe Effects of Virtual Community Services on Taiwan Online Music Websitesen_US
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